Monday, March 22, 2010

Red Steel 2 - custom control video

I think it was nice that they let you control how strong you have to swing your arms for a slash. Can you imagine if this was locked on Athletic sensitivity? I think our arms would either be toned up or fall off from all the intense swinging. The game is great, go pick it up tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

im liking the relax mode thats how i want my core motion games

and monster hunter 3 should have been like this a motion based game you play quickly but with relaxed motion play

sonys move is not suited to these tight motions

Anonymous said...

sonys move isnt even powerful enough to do true-view in tigerwoods 2011 its because the wiimote has a infared camera in the wiimote this is better because u can detect distance without it being pointed at the tv,with move u need the camera on the tv to detect this where as the wiimote can detect this when pointing at the floor or behind u so better for sports games full stop and fps and traditional action adventures in the sony move u have lights on the controls and camera on tv its the wrong way around if want zero lag