Friday, March 19, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - Wii trailer

This game looks very fun gameplay wise but I'm not sold on Ubisoft saying that the game is taking full advantage of the Wii's power. The textures in some parts of the trailer look really bad, like PS2. The lighting and shadows in other parts of the trailer look good so what will the final game look like in the end? I'm keeping my eye on this one.


Anonymous said...

those textures look psp and theres a psp version in development prince guy looks psp polygon count and sub gamecube you can always tell wen psp games are ported up to wii and this game clearly is it has those painted in 2d back drops that psp games have and theres fines,leaves etc look flat and low quality this is no groud up wii game and i dont trust ubisoft one bit there redsteel 2 marketing is a joke

Anonymous said...

ive seen it on a few videos and i have to say its way beyond psp levels texture wise this vid is very poor try ign or youtube

Anonymous said...

it looks like psp with lots of AA/FILTERING and better lighting why does prince look like a ps2 character look at him shocking

metroid prime 3 was 3x this at solid 60 frames 3 years ago