Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Nintendo Switch - Final Fantasy XV Remake?

What your thoughts on this possibility from the FFXV on Switch? Do you think Square Enix will go through with it or do you think they might end up bringing another game to Switch with UE4?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Nintendo Switch - What Are Fans So Worried About?

Hey guys, so I make an apology about attaching a date to the Sony announcement in this video. However, this doesn’t actually change anything about the actual announcement coming from Sony, in fact the extreme reaction from me saying basically “not at this conference after all” has only made me more excited to finally see this come about from Sony since apparently it had Nintendo fans extremely worried as the lashing out afterwards made clear since they were very quiet before that. As I said, it was a mistake on my part to put a date and hype it, so I won’t be doing that again. However, it should be pointed out that sites such as Eurogamer have done the similar things in the past, such as saying the NX would be revealed in September 2016, and they were wrong. So lesson learned for me, I won’t hype dates anymore, but again, everything is still proceeding as before with the Sony announcement still coming. Also the video for this news has already been uploaded, so basically the info contained with the original old upload date is proof enough when the time comes that I knew this ahead of time. Enjoy the video and send me some support on Twitter or follow me :)

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Travis Strikes Again Interview & Summary

- It's the first game Suda51 is directing in ten years since No More Heroes. He's gotten back on directing because he want to return to Grasshopper roots, when they had a much smaller scale, something more compact and having an impact on everything.

- The reason it's on Nintendo Switch is because Suda51 liked what he saw when it was still the NX, and in top of that, it was a matter of timing as Let it Die was released and there was that new hardware releasing soon.

- About why it's not called No More Heroes 3 : while it's still a sequel, it's not a "direct" one as it will be the start of a new adventure for Travis, something different from the previous games. That's why they put Travis Strikes Again as the main title.

- The main inspiration for the gimmick about visiting game worlds were Let it Die and the movie eXistenZ.

- Gameplay : sword-based action game, similar to the first two games, and while the concept and controls will stay the same amongst the six games Travis will visit, each of them will have its own vibe, will be different about how they look and feel.

- The collaboration with the indies aren't necessarily about the levels themselves (he was answering about if there was going to be a Shovel Knight level in the game) or the gameplay. What they wanted to show was that Travis is a hardcore gamer. So Travis won't necessarily play these indie games or fight the characters, but Travis will have different t-shirts featuring these games for example and Shovel Knight is one of them. However plans aren't concrete and there may be instances where Travis interact with the indie games, like Hotline Miami.

- The development team is much smaller this time compared to No More Heroes 2. He was asked about if the retro mini games from NMH2 would return, and he answered that he's not sure if they have the manpower to make them, because everyone concerned want to make new stuff for the game.

- They were successful in finding a lot of indie partners at PAX who were willing to do some collaborations. It helps that a lot of these people played past Suda51 games.

- Motion controls will be in the game, but the main feature is that you'll be able to play the whole game with one joy-con. That was decided very early in the development process to give the player a limited area of control.

- You'll be able to recharge the beam katana just like in the previous games, but the size has got a bit smaller (lol)

- One of the reason he decided to make the whole game playable with one joy-con is that he hopes Sakurai will finally let Travis join Smash Bros.

- He was asked if there could be co-op since you can play with only one joy-con, and answered that he can't talk about that secret yet.

- About what he plans for the future, he want to makes sure this time that Travis's story won't stop just with this title, to make Travis some sort of video games superstar. That's why they don't call it No More Heroes 3, because he wants to start from here and expand the series.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Nintendo Switch - Big Game Changing PlayStation Press Conference 9/19/17

A big announcement from Sony that will affect the Nintendo Switch is on the way. Sony confirmed right after I posted this video and already recorded, so this is why I refer to the this as a "company" that is announcement. Find out how this channel will cover it, and how you should prepare and details on how the Face the Future Trilogy plays the next part.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Nintendo: Face the Future Trilogy - Teaser Trailer

This is a teaser of the 3 Part Series entitled “Face the Future” with Part 1 already released. This teaser is highlights clips from topics discussed and with some that remain hidden for now, but to be discussed soon, the anticipation of what events will transpire for Nintendo will rise with your interpretation of what this trilogy is inevitably about. Stay tuned for Part 2 which will be coming soon (no date can be provided yet) but this teaser should help in making the wait easier. I appreciate the support of my followers during this time, so please continue to be patient and once Part 2 is able to be presented, then the conclusion will come not too long after.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Nintendo Switch - Big Card of 2017 Not Yet Played

Nintendo has some very big surprises still coming in 2017 which is amazing since we already had so many this year.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Nintendo Switch - Full SDK Leaked & New Hardware Confirmed

The Nintendo Switch is in short supply, but now due to an apparent huge leak by a developer, even you can have public access to make your own Nintendo Switch game on your PC. I am not sure if this has ever happened before guys.