Saturday, April 08, 2006

More Red Steel details ready to blow your mind

Red Steel will be a Revolution launch game.

“ is often more beneficial to take a non-lethal shot, such as shooting a gun out of an enemy’s hands. In many situations, there will be a higher-ranking enemy who commands the others in the area. By defeating him, and sparing his life, he will offer you his respect, and help. The enemies will surrender their guns, and the boss may offer you a new weapon, a special path, or another reward. Any time you spare an enemy, you will be rewarded. As it always takes more skill to spare a life, than to take it.”

“Although the majority of Red Steel’s gameplay will stress ranged combat, there will be times you need to get up close, and personal. You can switch to the sword at any time, and if you can get close enough to an enemy, you can use it for one-hit stealth kills. In other moments you’ll find yourself locked into intense one-one sword duels. Any time you take on an enemy with a sword of his own, you’ll need to take yours out right away, or his blade will make short work of you.”

And a quote from the Game Informer crew on the natural feel of the controller: "...the longer we played with it the more natural if felt, and the more quickly we mowed down the targets. Strafing around the targets is incredibly easy, as keeping the controller pointed at the object, while you move around with the analog stick keeps you focused on the target. Aim felt similar to using a computer mouse, as it is possible to quickly explore every direction in a three dimension space with quick gestures."

Supposedly, the controller will also allow you to duck behind objects for cover, and reload by tilting the controller backwards. Split-screen and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection multiplayer modes are planned.

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Can't wait to tilt your gun and swing your sword? November is not too far off now, well...... 7 months. E3 is only 1 month away and that's something to get excited about!


Metaldave said...

By the way if you are wondering about those pics of Red Steel, they ARE real. I have two different sources that confirm it.

Joystiq: "A few of you have sent us word that Game Informer is touting its latest issue online. According to the page (again, we unfortunately do not have a copy of the magazine just yet), the game is from Ubisoft Paris, who are known for Prince of Persia, Ghost Recon, Far Cry Instincts, and Splinter Cell. The page implies that these are actual screenshots, and confirms that more information will be found via Game Informer's online page as of April 20th."

Also an employee that works for Ubisoft has confirmed that the screens are real, he posts on the IGN forums his name is Prince Nineone1 and he has been confirmed as working for them by trusted sources.

Besides, is it really THAT hard to accept? The game looks just like it should. I would say that looks about twice as good as Gamecube wouldn't you? Its not out of reason. Most Xbox360 games look about twice as good as the original Xbox, well actually only a couple do. Most games for that system are ports and only look a hair better than current gen graphics.

Anonymous said...

"Besides, is it really THAT hard to accept?"

To alot of people, it is. Graphic whores are still doubting that the Revolution can pull off graphics like that, and yet, there the ones who think the Killzone PS3 footage is real-time.

Michael said...

The more I learn about this game and the support Nintendo has given to Ubisoft on this title, the more it gets me excited to see it for real. Nintendo chose this to be their debut for a reason. The graphics look good, it is a mature title and its a respected third party. If this is indicative of whats to come, "mature games from respected third parties with support from Ninty", it tells me that finally Nintendo's head is in the right place. Obviously, I think there will be lots of quirky games to draw in the casual gamer so now that I see the chance there will be new IPs for the hardcore as well, this is good news for Nin fans. Hopefully and E3 they continue the momentum this is building.