Friday, April 07, 2006

First confirmed Revolution screens! Red Steel!

Big thanks are dew to Gonintendo for these awesome scans from the upcoming Gameinformer magazine. Worried that the Revolution would just look like Gamecube with better control? Well I think all of us can forget about those worries after seeing that the Revolution will be just fine in the graphics department.

Keep in mind that this is a third party game and they don't even have final dev kits yet. The in-house Nintendo offerings (Metroid Prime 3) are sure to really blow us all away. It is nice to see that Red Steel could pass for an Xbox360 game, just for the fact that people always notice the graphics first. Nintendo was not stupid in making sure the Revolution would catch your eye when you see the games. If all the games looked like Gamecube, the first thing people would think is that nothing has improved and then go on to buy another system. Nintendo has always said that graphics and technology were important, they just don't think that technology should be the driving force on innovation.

Now, when you combine the great graphics with Revolutionary control what do you get?

a # 1 system.


Anonymous said...


It seems that people have always had their heads up their asses. Nintendo has said from time-and-time and again that the Revolution's graphics will look no different from the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 on a standard-def set. Hell, I remembered they said it will display cutting-edge graphics right from the beginning when they announced the system.

Why won't anybody listen?!

Metaldave said...

Well Nintendo was always so quite about the power of the Revolution, that people just thought it would not look any good when they did see some games.

People always think the worst, and it looks like that was a good thing because now they are surprised at how good this game looks on Revolution.

It looks like Nintendo was right, we don't really NEED HD graphics yet, we need a new way to play and this game looks to change all of that. I'll post new details on the control etc. later.