Saturday, April 08, 2006

Revolution to launch with 20 games

As we reported, George Harrison, Vice President of Marketing & Communications for Nintendo, is supposed to have a big interview in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine. As if the issue weren’t bursting with enough Revolution information, Mr. Harrison spoke a little bit about what to expect at launch. is stating that in the article, Mr. Harrison has announced that there will be 20 titles available at the Revolution launch, with 1/3 of the titles being developed by Nintendo themselves.


Remember the how many games the Gamecube launched with? Correct me if I'm wrong but it was around 13 or 14 I think. 20 is a good number and with around 7 of them being made by Nintendo or first party(Retro) we are likely to have a great launch.


Michael said...

Now, this is major news as well. 20 launch titles!?! IF the they are "DAY 1" titles this is huge. Even if they are "launch window" titles that hit before xmas, thats still damn good. No 3 month launch windows please (a la microsoft).
I can't imagine if they announce all 20 at E3. This is going to be a major overload. My fear is that with all the info coming out at E3, there will be overload and important points will get lost in the mad rush for news. Imagine us getting detailed price/launch info, game launch lineup, game price, possible machine specs, the final secret, vitual console game linup/pricing, online tools and games support. Good lord, so many thing and we are bound to lose track of the greatness simply because we can't process it all.

Metaldave said...

I wouldn't worry about that. Reggie has said that Nintendo will be revealing new things about the Revolution all the way up till launch.

Nintendo's main focus this E3 is going to be getting the Revolution controller into people's hands and letting them see for themselves how good its going to be/is.

Remember that this is Nintendo's show. If Nintendo really has 1/3 of the 20 launch titles, then they can just focus on those and let the Third Parties show their's at their own booth. Really though, would you be upset if we got to see all of them at once?

We are ready for sensory overload if you know what I mean. We have been waiting for this for 2 years and finally its going to happen. I say bring as much to the table as possible. If E3 does turn out to be "too much info", that is what the internet is for. You can take one story at a time and read it all on your own time. Don't worry about Nintendo missing important points, they have had this E3 planned for a very long time and know each point they want to discuss. This is a great time to be a Nintendo fan and a gamer.