Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nintendo NX Amazon AWS Streaming?

Hi guys, so full game streaming on Amazon EC2 AWS is not setup for that kind of function. It is great for a My Nintendo Accounts server though, holding user data, profiles, payment information, and it could even stream video with it like Netflix does. For full game streaming Nintendo would still need to pay Amazon hundreds of millions of dollars to setup a special server (Sony has spent nearly 1 billion on PS Now over since they bought GaiKai for nearly 400 million dollars in 2012, and over the years having all those games being run, maintenance on those servers etc. is very expensive). The network is not "already there" for Nintendo use, they would need to pay a ton of money to setup a worldwide full game streaming service, and by the way PS Now is still not available worldwide yet, but Sony is working on it, with the majority of those games streaming at 720p with input lag. Nintendo, if anything will go the SCD route and build their streaming network internally through the Nintendo user.

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Anonymous said...

streaming gaming is a joke its slow laggy detatched its like listenng to a out of tune radio station

floaty weird just not real time