Friday, May 20, 2016

Nintendo NX Cartridges Better than Discs?

You mean I can just put in the game and I can play it without needing to install it first??? Welcome to 1985.


Unknown said...

dave amds first zen cpu bencmarks are out tyhere 2x better in single thread to old gen amd cpus

great news all around for pc apu and obviously nx if using zen

a genuiane 2x performance boost per clock

Gregory Weagle said...

Actually; using the card system like Nintendo 3DS would be a great idea now. The funny thing about technology is that cartiages have in fact improved in technology by leaps and bounds over the last decade or so. They are much smaller; their sizes are now on par with discs, they are faster, they are more durable, and the cost of them has been going down to the point where the difference is no longer a huge chasm and merely a gap. Plus; as you mentioned, no installing, very low loading times (most like; the system is causing the loading times instead of the discs themselves), and Nintendo no longer needs a disc drive which takes up a lot of space; meaning they can create a leaner, meaner system and even increase the power of it without worrying about extra parts interfering with each other. Discs on the other hand; haven't really advances all that much. They are still relying on the cost to get them over, since storage space isn't a factor anymore; and at some point, that advantage will be gone.