Friday, July 11, 2014

Project Cars - Confirmed Wii U GPU DirectX 11 Features

Since the interest in the Wii U version of Project Cars is at an all time high, and the developers at Slightly Mad Studios have been so secretive of what the Wii U version will go graphically, besides saying it will "hold it's own", I have done some digging to find out exactly what kind of graphical look we can expect from this version.

These Wii U GPU features I am posting are known by some and have been posted little by little as development has continued on the game, but out of respect for the Beta/Alpha testers that posted these I won't be posting a link on this site. If you really need to know the direct place I got these from, send an email request to my address. However take my word for it, these are definitely correct and are not hard to believe when you consider that the Wii U version was developed first alongside the PC version.

Project Cars Wii U Graphical Features (some CPU as well):

- Multi-threaded shadow rendering. DX11 support for mult-threaded shadow rendering (via -DX11MT)

- DX11 Lighting and Fog values are rendered per thread

- 11.11.10 HDR format support & 32bit HDR.

- DX11 Support for per MRT pixel formats

- DX11 Lighting and Fog values are rendered per thread

- Small deferred rendertargets are stored in EDRAM

- CTexture class implemented (GTX texture loading, texture locking, Color/DepthBuffer GX2 structures etc)

- Full Tonemapping with Colour Cube correction and Bloom

- Full Motion-blur / Post processing filters

- Full Depth of Field.

- Support for Raw Vertex/Index Buffers (accelerates particle rendering)



- 720p & 30 FPS

- Unity Engine Compiler to convert DX11 features to function on Wii U GPU

So from the looks of these features, the Wii U version will not be missing out on much in terms of graphical prowess. Nice to see some full DirectX 11 finally being used on the system as well. 

Hopefully the developer will take notice and reveal the Wii U version soon since it seems to be the one closest to being completed alongside the PC version. 


Anonymous said...

Holy Shit! Finally, some 3rd party dev kickin some ass with the hardware. impressive!
Good work MetalDave! I was on the fence buying it but now - day one purchase!

Anonymous said...

DX 11 is very very poor vs true wiiu code

example dx on dreamcast cut dreamcasts performance by 50% vs true dreamcast api coding

example mk8 runs 60frames and is likely much stronger overal

im not impressed but its nice the drvs actually care


Anonymous said...

"DirectX", wrt to features, is NOT the software API, is the hardware specification that IHVs like AMD and Nvidia must follow in order to be certified to work with the most recent version of DirectX. DX11, for example, specifies things like minimum limits on texture sizes (8192*8192, up from DX9), and what features must be implemented (tessellation). DX 11 is also a strict superset of DX 10.1, and includes all the features of DX 10.1.

Anonymous said...

id do a new article if i was you metaldave this looks very suck up to the devs-publishers now

WE ALL NEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN turn your back on third partys there going broke 80% less games are being made ,sony is going broke

and there taking it out on wiiu this shows this industry is DEAD it needsvto crash and burn, the wiiu version likely doesnt even exist

as was the case with metro last light there slow cpu hate campaign was all lies they later admitted they never even had a dev kit and had no intention to back a nintendo system

i dont actually beieve a wiiu version exists , i think a x360 version ported and unfinished exists and they have to finish it