Monday, July 14, 2014

Project Cars Wii U Delayed but Why?

As we all have heard by now, the official publisher of Project Cars, Bandai Namco, has announced that the Wii U version will be delayed until 2015.

Here is their official statement:

"We're committed to delivering an exceptional and unique experience for racing fans on Wii U and for this we kindly ask our devoted and passionate Nintendo fans for a little more time in order to ensure the game delivers on our vision of being the most authentic, beautiful, and technically-advanced racing game on any platform."

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So there are many questions as to why the game was delayed on the Wii U. The only reason that truly makes sense, is that the publisher (not developer) wants more money by making sure the PS4/XB1/PC versions of the game are completed by November 2014 to not miss release, since they feel the most money is to be made on the those versions of the game.

I have seen the developer builds and the Wii U version of the game has pretty much been put on hold since February 2014. The priority for the PS4/XB1 versions has been put in full force. The Wii U version, as I have posted earlier, has already been given the, DX11 effects, control options and more in previous builds and the game has been in development for the Wii U since 2012. The Wii U game is not completed yet, so obviously there is optimizing to be done and bug testing, which will most likely take place after the holidays when the priority console versions have already been released.

It's sad that the publisher will actually halt development on a game that is in near complete form, only to start on other consoles and release those versions before the Wii U version. What is even more suspect is that both the Xbox 1 and PS4 already have their own more popular Sim Racing games being released right around the same time on their systems as Project Cars. The chances of Project Cars being a sales success on those systems are slim to none due to this, not to mention that their own poll taken on the Project Cars website lists the Wii U version as the most wanted:

This is what happens to Indie Development when a Publisher comes in and makes release date decisions for you. I'm willing to bet that the guys at Slightly Mad Studios wouldn't have had it this way.

Are you still interested in buying the Wii U version of this game knowing that you'll have to wait some months more into 2015 to get it? 


Anonymous said...

2015 is Xenoblade Chronicles X, Splatoon, Yoshi Wooly World, Zelda Wii U(holiday 2015 most likely), and possibly Star Fox judging from what they said about developing it in one year at E3 2014. Not to mention many more unannounced game by Nintendo and the game by Retro Studio.

If you ask me people who crowdfunded this game for Wii U should get a refund if they are not happy with the delay.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you didn't see what Slightly Mad had to say about this situation, eh? Kinda puts them in a very bad light and I'm going on record right now as stating this game *never* sees the light of day on U.

(I own all these machines, and won't be buying their game at all due to this nonsense on their part, where they slapped those that had been following it closely pretty hard.)

Metaldave said...

If you are referring to their Facebook Fan page, those comments made have been removed from there and I don't think it was reflective of Slightly Mad or Bandai Namco.

Anonymous said...

the wiiU version dont even exist theres a pc version only and it will be cheap ported to ps4 xbox

wake up the industry is a joke and is dieing,its nintendo jelousy nothing more nothing less and likely went cap in hand to nintendo begging for cash like so many others

80% less games from third partys this gen 80% less being made with epics engines vs last generation

this industry is down the toilet and rightly so.groud funding IS BEGGING END OF STORY a industry that begs for money is DEAD

you dont pay mcdonalds for burgers that dont exist then lter got told burgers are not coming to your mouth but someone elses

anyone defending these cretins is a industry slave...the customer is always right ,and it was a wiiu game acordingto slightly mad

so if wiiu was first in then how come its last out

total and utter bull poop ...its nintendo jelousy-anti nintendoism nothing new goig on here

third partys are dropping like flys xbox has lost billions sony are going broke

this is some seriously deluded stuff we are witnessing here

im supprised slightly mad havnt invented some weird no sense excuse about the wiiu like it runs on coal not electricity

playing a racer on a lagshock no thanks