Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Resident Evil 4 - Was it the Perfect Game?

Here is some gameplay I posted on my YouTube channel a couple days ago of Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition on PC. While the game barely has upgraded graphics besides some small amount of textures and of course 1080p resolution, the game itself is exactly like it was on the Gamecube from 2005. 

While playing through this game again after so many years, I've come to realize a few things about what makes this game so amazing (besides playing with the Wii U Pro Controller of course):

Ø  The atmosphere is perfect and really draws the player in.

Ø  The pacing of the game is nearly perfect, you are almost never bored or repeating the same type of gameplay, even though the gameplay from a control standpoint stays the same. 

Ø  The game gives the player small goals to reach without really making them known or in objective form. 

Ø  Upgrading your character and weapons is completely done by your choice and is not something needed to beat the game. It's harder this way, but not forced. 

Ø  The game has a nearly perfect difficulty setting on Normal mode, so when the player dies, it is really his fault and not the game. 

Ø  Playing the first level or area of the game is absolutely nothing like the final area of the game, in terms of the art style, narrative and gameplay. 

Ø  The game's story keeps changing and pieces of a larger puzzle slowly come together in a way that is truly engaging and it ends up not mattering that the dialogue is silly or the story is far-fetched and unrealistic since the way it is presented beats all of those criticisms. 

If there was such a thing as a perfect game, I think RE4 comes pretty close to nailing it. It's simply amazingly made and the attention given to make every area fresh and unique is something that you just don't find in many modern video games. 


Anonymous said...

RE4...It's still my favorite game of all time. I beat it several times on GC and Wii just to unlock everything. Good times...
Back then, I even bought the PS2 version because at the time it had extras - but came to realize the graphics on GC was superior. Playing RE4 on PS2 almost gave me a headache as I was spoiled by the crisper/clearer GC version. Lol. Seriously, do an A/B comparison.

Anonymous said...

it was PERFECT on wii and the dolphin 1080p videos look amazing...

res evil 5 /6 are awful in comparason,and graphicly dont look any better really...

the best RE started out as a nintendo exclusive and was perfected on the wii

going backwards control wise two twin sticks on ps3 and x360 made me LOL there is no way i would twin stick this type of game ever again second stick is OUTDATED-CLUNKY-SLOW-UNNATERAL AND UN REFINED

asassins creed etc all need pointer controls that world ratates on a centered pole effect you get from twin analog is SO OUTDATED AND WRONG

the world around you and your view shoud move NATERALLY as it does when built for wii remote

anything less is generations OUT OF DATE nothing more terrible than robotic movement and cam in videogames

infermous second son moves like this its awful ad plain wrong....

stop defending this FAKE GAMERS

Anonymous said...

looks sweet in HD,and on gamecube had charecter polygon counts on par with ps3 games FACT...

te video is twin stick controlled te wrld moves withthe cam not the persons view moves i a 3 dimentional world ,in real life its us that moves and views are surroundings as it is with wii remote

that bullshit needs to die in gaming its retarded