Friday, May 09, 2014

Wii U No Longer Sold at a Loss & Other News

The Wii U has had a hard time since it launched in November 2012, however finally we have some good news. The system itself is no longer being sold at a loss to Nintendo themselves. They can get back to focusing on making games for the Wii U and not have to worry about the console itself losing them money.

In other news Nintendo announced:

-Full NFP (Near Field Play) Model to be introduced at E3
-Nintendo IP Licencing Details to be announced end of year
-QOL Products launching next year
-More Third Party Wii U games are in development that have not been announced yet
-Nintendo will show software at E3 that is "only possible on Wii U" at E3 2014

E3 that has been quiet for Nintendo the last few years, but after these announcements it seems that this E3 might give fans what they have been waiting for during these last few showings. 

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Anonymous said...

theseare huge bombs beig dropped by nintendo and its not even E3 yet

theres going to be huge games revealed for wiiu at E3