Monday, December 24, 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Wii U patch details

Black Ops 2 Patch details (What I noticed from playing the game)

Gameplay tweaks:

·        Improved Wii Remote hit detection
·        Fixed Wii Remote glitched/jumpy IR Cursor
·        Added Wii Remote Cursor Sensitivity and Cursor Speed settings (these settings work and stay fixed for me, but for others, Cursor Sensitivity reverts back to default after aiming down the sights)

Game Mode added:

·        Multi Team Deathmatch (should have been there from day 1)

Graphical tweaks:

·        Bullet holes now appear on walls and objects in multiplayer
·        Shadows have been blurred slightly to give a less pix-elated and distracting look from afar. 

So these are some of things I've noticed, if you have come across more changes please feel free to let me know in the comment section. There was mention of some tweaks to the audio as well but I have not noticed this yet.


Unknown said...

It did no such thing everything is gimped on wii remote jump speed weapon change speed even run speed and the settings have been added but re set wen u ADS the only improvement is you get a higher courser setting wen selecting advanced pro insane settings the hit detection is now instead of low sencittivity it now lags like really lags it takes twice the bullet impacts to get a kill on twin sticks u can point around a player not even at him and get a near imidiate kill every time on wii remote aim in the face the chest mm perfect and get nothing the aim on the wii remote is the courser its the whole xhair on twin sticks and as the wiiu version is a x360 port the massive auto aim vs the old wii version is shocking I new they were casual gamers but now I have tasted a hd port its left a very bitter taste in my mouth its babys gaming

Metaldave said...

For Wii Remote/Nunchuk controls I don't recommend using the presets. You'll have better luck with customizing your own controls how you like them.

Anonymous said...

why couldn't treyarch port over the wii balance to the wiiU instead of the x360 set up then add a broke wii remote !!!!!!!!!!!!!

port over the game from x360 but port over and update the wii control settings and balance COMMON FLAMING SENSE THE WII AND WIIU CROWD ARE THE SAME PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not port over the ps3 and x360 auto aim then just drop in a poor wii remote option DOWN RIGHT LAZY

there now going to keep gimping this with patches and it will all go to shit

the classic pad vs wii remote balance was already there in blops 1 and MW3 wii

so why break it !!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously i do wonder at times about the human race you couldnt have got it more wrong treyarch its like the wii remote was last minute added on

PATHETIC really pathetic the wii remote global user base is 200 million and COD blops 2 sold in japan on wiiu BECAUSE OF THE WII REMOTE !!!!!!!

wiiboy101 and audie merphy101 are both wiiboy cod IDs

Anonymous said...

yes but the custom settings revert back to the pre set as soon as you ADS did you not know this dave? THERE'S LOADS OF PEOPLE GOING APE CRAZY ABOUT IT ON YOUTUBE AND IN THE COD FORUMS

pre set say advance then fiddle with the settings as you stated the SECOND YOU ADS the settings re vert back to the ones they were before you customized them it stays the same in the menu its LYING the settings revert back to the PRE SET every single time you ADS

so you have to go back to settings every match and re set the custom settings ALL OVER AGAIN

also the courser seems fixed yet it isnt you still dont get a fare kill aiming down there face body etc

yet a twin stick player shoots around another player and gets a kill

so your gimped and struggling from the second a match starts

also wen its one on one wii remote vs twin sticks the wii remoter has no chance the stick player press fire presto your dead say looking down from a window as you race towards him or your at the window and he is racing towards you

the twin sticker doesnt even aim just NEAR AIMS get the kill the wii remoter head shots perfectly and lets go a load of bullets NO KILL every single time

say your camping in a building you see the guys shadow at the door way you fire as he come into view wii remoter shot first by a country mile thers no impact registered at all then the twin stick guy edges into view press fire BANG YOUR DEAD

its truly outrageous dont believe go check..

another obvious in your face gimping of wii remote the twin stickers has perfect penetration thru objects like cars rocks walls etc

the exact same weapon used via a wii remote NO PENETRATION WHATS SO EVER YOU CAN EMPTY 10 MAGS NOTHING

its there for all to see and there is 100s of fuming players at the cod forums over it

the settings are back but are broke and the impact is still gimped

i can spray a head a body and legs get nothing PERFECT MM AIMING

then you watch your own death by a twin stick player HE SHOT EVERYWHERE BUT YOU GOT THE KILL DIDNT EVEN HIT YOU

knife is 3 x faster on twin stick pad we have timed it

weapon change is faster on twin stick pad jumping and climbing also

there is a DELIBERATELY PLACES TIME BUFFER IN THE wii remote we have proved this my mate wants to bring treyarch out in a youtube we can physically prove this has been done on purpose they gimped us

the balance and ping in the wii versions is balanced only net connection issues change speeds

on wiiu its not lag net lag cod lag its a blatant different set of laws and rules in the gameplay for us wii remoters its clear as day thats whats going on

the wii version was BUILT FOR Wii

the wiiu version is acting on x360s aim assist thats the problem the IDIOTS at treyarch didnt use the wii balance they used x360s witch has like 10x more aim assist and that has clearly unbalanced and casualized the gsames gameplay

i get a distinct feeling activition is fuking us in the ass big time

they keep going twin stocks is CORE FPS nintendo blar blar blar the pro pad THATS EVIDENCE ENOUGH as far as im concerned

Anonymous said...

youlll shoot your eye out kid happy christmas one and all

Anonymous said...

Even with the cursor sensitivity patch, the wii remote aiming is still NOT accurate enough. It is certainly not as precise as it was on Black Ops 1 on the Wii. The aiming for the wii remote becomes choppy if you move your pointer quickly. Also, if a wii remote user ever becomes host, both their reticle and ADS will began to randomly teleport.