Friday, December 21, 2012

007 Legends Wii U gameplay video

This game has quick and dirty port written all over it. Supposedly the game does not even support the Wii Remote and Nunchuk for control options. The game does look like it would be fun for die hard James Bond fans though.


Anonymous said...

why would one single human being on this earth buy a wiiu shooter with no wii remote support...

talk about cutting the throat of every fellow wiiu owner on earth DO PEOPLE NOT SEE THIS TELLS DEVELOPERS THAT ITS OK TO DO THIS !!!!!!!!!! i really do pity some folks i really do

try thinking for ones selves !!!!!! no doubt the alien based game is also going to do this LOOK HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE ONLINE IN COD WIIU NO ONE GUESS WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

look mom im RETRO padding a FPS make it stop please make it stop lol

Anonymous said...

cod patch in coming i just got up yes its 1.30 am i didnt go bed till 4pm and im ready for a all night cod sesion if this patch works

Anonymous said...

been experimenting with wii remote vs twin stick pad on blops2

every single action on the wii remote and nunchuck is much slower the patch just replaces one fault with another THIS IS DELIBERATE, sorry people need to wake up to this lie they did this on purpose just go and compare its in your face obvious they gimped wii remote on purpose

il never buy a activition game again £50 god darn pounds i payed to get deliberately gimped out of matches in some WEIRDO MENTAL ILLNESS WE HATE NINTENDO CONSPIRACY, the controls were already thee in ops 1 and mw3 this was DELIBERATELY DONE

no cod mic support from the wii mic WHY GO ON TELL ME WHY

wen you play with twin sticks you have like a 2 inch aim rafious and bullet bending into target

on wii remote you have a 1by1mm give or take courser thats sencitivity gimped so its like 100 fold harder to play

sorry this was done to us somple experiments with the controls proves this

Anonymous said...

the auto aim robo cannon nonsense is way higher on ps3 and x360 than it was wii the wiiu x360 port proves it (blops2) treyarch said it hasnt been up'ed since last year so the only logical conclusion is x360 and ps3 had insane levels of auto aim were as the wii version had a sweet balance between classic pad and wii remote EXPOSED COD WAS ALWAYS A CASUAL GAME and vastly more casual on ps3 and x360 than it ever was on wii

the wii version was a game of skill..the hd version is like a lotto a game of chance its totally fake and the kill cams just help prove it,, its there to see i seen a sniper aim a at a barrel and hit the guy in the head i just switched my wiiu off sickened i parted with money for that game

i honestly hand on heart have no idea what goes thru the head of these so called gamers

the aiming in cod HD versions is like massively auto mated and fake the wii remote has been gimped to stop the skilled players coming from wii to wiiu owning ass

it has been gimped to protect casual twin stick players and total removal of wii remote in 007 wiiu is again ACTIVITION

this is conspiracy STOP BUYING THERE GAMES im trading in wiiu blops 2 and going back to blops 1 on wii A CORE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and whats with kill cam its a babys who shot me aid WHAT KIND OF FAKE ASS GAMER NEEDS TO BE HAND HELD THRU A 10 MINUTE SHOOT UM UP

i dont need to be shown were the sniper is isnt that destroying the tactics the guy himself thought up whats the point in spending weeks and months perfecting a skill and tactic if every time you use it the guy you shot GETS SHOWN WERE U ARE AND WHAT YOUR DOING

that is not casual its BABYS GAME STAMP MY FEET WHO SHOT ME BOO HOO im not 3 why would i want kil cam its childish !!!!!!!!!!!!!

cod is not the ghame iv been experiancing on wii its a casual HD joke on rails CHILDREN'S GAME