Monday, June 11, 2012

More Wii U E3 2012 Gameplay Videos

Hopefully there will be even more game info at the end of this month from a Nintendo Direct for the Japan Nintendo event. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Japanese developers have cooking for the Wii U.


Anonymous said...

the 360 degree view has so much going for it in game and in APPS...i have some info from a ubisoft game tester

he isnt 100% but his saying wiiu specs are

power6 or 7 based design cpu tri core and 3.0ghz,, system bus is 1.5ghz and gpu is 750mhz 4to1 ratio between gpu and cpu and catch is as leak suggests 3MB 2MB TO 1 CORE TURBOCORE MODE ,, he says his 99% sure it supports out of order code so its more g5/power7 than it is xenon or power6...

its eather 750mhz gpu and 3.0ghz cpu or 3.2ghz cpu and 800mhz gpu or there abouts resent ubisoft leak of 1.5 gpu and cpu the same as x360 ps3 is not power the leak is clockspeed based

Anonymous said...

I think Nintendo is going to blow everyone's mind away! Wait and see. I have a friend that works for Nintendo and told me that everyone is going to be amazed on the graphics durning lauch