Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 all but confirmed for Wii U

It makes you wonder why not more games were being shown for the Wii U at E3 doesn't it? Were the games just not ready to show? Was Nintendo testing your inner fanboy limits? The answers are not known, but what is becoming more clear is that there are a lot of games that could have been shown for the Wii U at E3 but were held back. With EA confirming Madden '13 coming to Wii U and now Activision stating that they will be supporting the Wii U also, things are getting interesting:

Head of Activision Publishing, Eric Hirshberg had this to say about Wii U support:

“We take out time to get our ducks in a row before pulling any trigger. We don’t have announcements today but we will be supporting Wii U.”

…we were there with second screen enhancements with Call of Duty Elite last year and one of the primary uses we’re finding comes through the tablet and through the smartphone.”

“People are using it as that sidecar as they’re playing… People are using it in that between games way that I think now you’re seeing that kind of rhetoric with the controller from Nintendo as well as the SmartGlass presentation from Microsoft. So it’s great that others are jumping on board and enhancing that idea but it’s something we were doing last year with Elite.”

In a direct question about Black Ops 2 on Wii U:

“It’s difficult to say because it’s something we’re not talking about. I’m intentionally being elusive because we’re not talking about it!”

Not to mention that Nintendo Gamer magazine leaked a preview of Black Ops 2 for the Wii U in their latest issue, I'd bet it's safe to say that this game will be there for the Wii U in November. So I guess the obvious asumption is that certain NDA's for the Wii U still stand regardless of E3 coming and going. It looks like we can look forward to another mid to late Summer conference and a Nintendo Direct!


Anonymous said...

well there isnt a law saying a game must be at E3 the shows dieing anyhows

i did expect a no show this year on wiiu INDUSTRY STUBBORNNESS so very happy with the news i expected EA's MOH but i didnt expect this,


drop that support and i drop you its that simple,, theres so many control and info screen stuff they could do i dont expect it this year but boy theres some good shit they could do on wiiu dual screen view for killstreaks abd sniper etc but that wont apply to me il be wii moting as im core not a AUTO AIM CASUAL so use your brain developers and give me a lap or cradle second screen and also put my online chat and messages onto the wiiu gamepad

i wont be sixaxis motion playing or analog aiming thank u very much

Gregory Weagle said...

Even more so when you realize that almost the entire Wii U gamelist lineup at E3 was Holiday/Launch Window games. Of course Nintendo did say that the games lineup was a PARTIAL list so it was to be expected.

Of course there's that pesky Fall Media Summit Nintendo always does every year to consider too; now that Reggie has basically telegraphed it. This is truly NOT over for the entertainment rumors.

Anonymous said...

they start doing sixaxis crap in cod and ignore evolving wii remote plus controls I WILL HIT SOMEONE

Travis Hendricks said...

Nintendo has said many times that they like to keep some news bits in order to keep Nintendo in the news. They don't want to blow their load all at once so there will certainly be a lot more news before November. I guarantee you will be twice as excited about the Wii U in September than you are now, and that's what Nintendo wants.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree, I cannot be going back to dual analog now. Won't buy any shooter of nay kind without wiimote/nunchuck support.

Anonymous said...

after playing on wii with realistic movement and controls and no screen scrolling watching cod on x360 just makes me LOL the mechanical weird movement is shockingly POOR how can anyone call that core

could u imagine a guy in real life running about shooting and everything starts moving in blocks and robotic like moves the poor guy would think his brain has had a sroke or something its totally unrealistic and unnatural

Gregory Weagle said...

I will never understand the debate over playing FPS' with two joysticks Vs. playing with motion controls. It sort of like with smartphones with only touch screen VS. 3DS with buttons: There are games out there where motion control is a godsend and yes FPS is great with motion control.

The problem is most FPS players are the asshole demographics and were so used to the two joystick system that they argue that any other system is fake and unnatural. And it is valid in the context of their experience with the two joystick system.

That was the whole point of making Wii U: To act as the bridge to bring those kind of gamers while still having the rest of us play the game in whatever fashion we want. I mean; I don't have to worry about buying a new controller other than the one in the package; I have a Wii Remote, Nanchunk, and even a Wii Classic Controller.

And by the way Anon; the two joystick setup is no longer limited to FPS' anymore. The Animal Crossing ride from Nintendo Land.

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