Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wii U Controllers have Analog Triggers after all? *Update*

Nintendo Gamer recently did a question and answer regarding certain aspects of the Wii U. A question about if the Wii U controllers have analog triggers or not and this is what they said:

Question: Are the GamePad triggers analogue (I don’t know y’see) – if not why not? 
Answer: Yes, the ZL and ZR buttons are analogue. I didn’t see any games that make use of this yet – there are no racing games to speak of yet on Wii U except for one of the mini-games in Sports Champions (which wasn’t there) but they’re clearly analogue triggers as opposed to the L and R shoulder buttons, which are just digital.
This is the first mention of the Wii U controllers using analog triggers. Are they mistaken? I guess we need more clarification from other sources to find out.


Nintendo Gamer has retracted this story and has concluded that they really don't know for sure either way. Will someone please ask Nintendo themselves concerning this? 



Anonymous said...

i think its confirmed digital.....iv noticed all the core cough games at e3 are using gamepad and pro no evidence of wii remote and nunchuck anywhere this has to stop fingers crossed devs wake up

take assassins creeds the camera moves blocky and robotic fault 1 analog cam and aim fault 2 its a ubisoft game there always mechanical

now imaging assassins creed with wii remote camera and aiming and weapon useage

it would really help this game then add motion combat etc to finish the job

watch e3 coverage of assassins creed when his up in the sales of the ship scaning the town the camera is moving like mario 64 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

Miyamoto said...

I played several Wii U games at E3 using both GamePads and Controller Pros and they very definitely both had digital ZR and ZL buttons. That's not to say for 100% sure that the final retail versions will have only digital shoulder buttons, but the ones at E3 absolutely did.

TechnoHobbit said...

I asked Nintendo: "Are the L/R buttons or the ZL/ZR buttons analog?", and they replied: "Hello,
Thanks for contacting us about the upcoming Wii U console. I know you were hoping for additional information about the buttons on the controller for the Wii U but, unfortunately, the answer hasn’t yet been revealed. What I can tell you is that everything we have available to share regarding Wii U has been added to our website. Here’s a direct link:

More about Wii U (like price and release date) will be unveiled later this year; however, we don’t have any specific dates or events to announce yet. I encourage you to keep checking our website’s “What’s New” section ( for the latest information.


Jessica Smith
Nintendo of America Inc."

Anonymous said...

There are no analog buttons on the u controllers. No digital buttons built in analog sticks either. The competition have had had these options for over 12 years. It took Nintendo 2 generations before making the jump to hd. How long before they provide these basic options on their controllers? Motion controls just don't provide the precision needed for certain games.