Thursday, June 28, 2012

3DS vs 3DS XL size comparison video

This video gives you a great sense of just how much bigger the XL is over the original 3DS. I'm still wondering why Nintendo left the second circle pad off the design of the XL since there seems to be a ton of room on the right side of the system just waiting to get used.


Anonymous said...

nintendo only supplied the circle pad pro to appease the industry and 3ds xl will get one too

theres a thing called a touch screen that offers gaming options aiming options and camera options way way way above a second stick the industry and the Sony fans need to get a grip on reality a single analog and stylus offers a wii remote and analog type control that is so far above a second stick

im growing to hate the industry second stick worship of gamepad for wiiu this will lead to poor remote support witch is a backwardization of controls A DUMBING DOWN...

and i for one wont accept that there is no 3rd person or first person game in existence that isnt better with a single analog and a wii remote or a single analog and a touch screen

resident evil 4 wii has the best controls of any ressy game ever and cod wii has better controls than cod x360

why would anyone want the camera to move like a robot and why would anyone call that CORE

wii remote offers a mouse experience with out the hard to learn nature and stupid needing of a desk top so does a touch screen

Gregory Weagle said...

@Anon: Most games won't force you to use Circle Pad Pro (XL). Even the publishers of the industry aren't too keen on that setup. And using the stylus/control stick was a huge problem in many reviewers opinion when it was forced on them in Kid Icarus Uprising. Sora would have been better served to give us regular controls to get use to the game itself and then if I so choose; I could switch to the new controls, even if for an extra challenge.

Second; I'm not a fan of the two joystick scheme; but at least I understand why Mr. Hardcore loves it and in some instances; it works. It's like a pinball game. Playing it on a smartphone with a touch screen is asking for trouble because there is no feeling on a touch screen. Buttons are fine here because Pinball machines are typically buttons and so the game works that way (and the fact that the frame rate for a smartphone isn't as impressive as the 3DS). However; there are a lot of setups where the stylus/motion control is a godsend, for FPS'es. But the asshole demographic is so used to the two joystick system that it feels out of their element to do it with motion control even if motion control is a better system in terms of getting more people to play the game.

Unlike you; I'm glad Wii U gives us both worlds here because third party publishers can't easily diss this system anymore and with Sony's finances in the toilet as it is, this means Nintendo has one less competitor to throw moneyhats at will.

Why would anyone sir? Because dude; people do not play video games for realism. They play for fun. Why should the type of control matter? The benefit of motion control naturally means nothing if the gameplay itself sucks already. And Call of Duty XBOX 360 sold a lot more units than Wii's version. Why? Because of the asshole demographic; and they are not going to change their spots anytime soon on the method of control. Wii U's gamepad addresses this issue.

As for two joysticks dumbing down: Oh please. That setup is way too complex for the average gamer. Motion control is the one who "dumbed down" the controls. And you're saying it as if were a bad thing. Dumbing down to motion control works because it removes barriers for people who wouldn't play a video game because it was too complex to figure out.

As for the issue at hand: Sadly; I won't be buying it unless my 3DS dies (like my DSlite did; and it was my fault for overestimating my jacket's ability to repel rain.). I realize that 3DS XL is better; but the battery life isn't enough to convince me and the less I don't care about. It will sell no doubt and I think PS Vita is screwed now.