Monday, May 21, 2012

Aliens: Colonial Marines - new interview & Wii U details

A few big points about the Wii U version of this game and about the console itself from this video are:

 -The Wii U version will let you use the motion tracker on the touch screen like a compass using the gyro sensitivity to scan the room by moving the controller left or right to see get the direction of where the Aliens are coming from.

 -The Wii U is a next generation console in comparison to the Xbox 360/PS3 and will have the best graphics for Aliens: Colonial Marines on consoles.


predator said...

There is so many great games coming out on the wii u that I'll have no money left.

Pacloup said...

This was actually a great interview. The piece where he said the game was going to be by far the best on wii u was great to hear. He was very passionate and sold me on this game. I was very much doubting how good this game would be be he did sell me to check it out further.