Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wii U controller: Analog Sticks confirmed

It appears that a Q&A tester from TT Games didn't get the memo that Nintendo didn't want to show the redesigned Wii U controller until E3 and posted this photo on his Twitter page. The photo has been taken down since then and the now (might be too late) anonymous tester has changed his profile information on his Twitter page hiding his identity. It is possible that TT Games just got their Wii U development kit and he was simply posting a image of what the Wii U development kit controller looks like and didn't realize the changes made to the controller in comparison to the older version. A big mistake.

The controller itself looks a lot better, with the button placement moved and the Analog Sticks added with already confirmation that they are clickable, similar to the Xbox 360 controller. Not to mention the little square under the d-pad is very likely the NFC reader.

I'm a little disappointed that this "surprise" couldn't wait to be shown by Nintendo themselves since it's only about 17 days away from E3. Great news none the less!


TechnoHobbit said...

It's not confirmed. I think it's a fake photo (I do think the Wii U will have true Analog Sticks--not that the 3DS's are bad) and I'm I the only one who likes the old button placement? (It looks top heavy and could be uncomfortable to hold for a long time).

Smurfman256 said...

Anybody else notice something odd about what the controller is siting on? We may have our first "glimps" at the V5 Wii U Dev Kit.

TechnoHobbit said...

Oops, "I'm I the only one who likes the old button placement?" is meant to be "am I the only one who likes the old button placement?"

Gregory Weagle said...

Considering that the Twitter account is now gone; it looks legit. Besides; Nintendo does have a patent diagram for this; so it's not out of the question. If this isn't the final controller; then it's the development kit controller.

As for the controller; I wish they moved the Home button to the right with the +/- buttons and put the two white button indents (which is a sign that this is a development kit controller) on the bottom (assuming they are the scans for the NFC) of the controller. Then it would be dead perfect.

We're down to two weeks now. Can you smell the excitement? Or is it Wario eating spicy food again?

Metaldave said...

I agree that this is most likely very close to the final design of the controller. NFC, Analog Sticks and the patent shape change all match the photo.

Anonymous said...

sticks of to the side looks weird,wonder why they changed to analog sticks, whole thing isnt as clear and finished looking as the old version, looks the rear has changed maybe gripers instead of a finger shelf to support your hands now and those 2 weird buttons maybe nfc or even a blackberry type finger pad or wii vitality