Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Nintendo Power of E3

Was just the unveiling of a new adult themed Zelda on Gamecube in 2004 really the only reason why the crowd went so insane? If you were around back in '04 and remember the show, you'd remember that it was Reggie's first appearance, he took stabs at Microsoft & Sony while backing it up with amazing games that year for Gamecube. After this they debuted the Nintendo DS, talked about the Nintendo "Revolution" and then at the very end when the show seemed over, Reggie introduced Zelda. This E3 has probably already been pegged as the best of all time for any of the console makers.

Will the 2012 Nintendo E3 conference bring some similar excitement? If you read the forums and the talk on the web, the hype is getting really out of control for Nintendo's next system and it remains up to Nintendo to deliver the goods come E3, because those watching will be hanging on every word and Nintendo knows it.

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