Friday, February 17, 2012

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D - new gameplay video

I played the demo of the game last night and while I thought it was good, it didn't sell me on the game. Granted the demo was based on an old build from months ago, but it still didn't impress like Resident Evil: Revelations' demo did. The graphics were blurry, frame-rate choppy and the 3D effect was not very pronounced or used to any benefit. The controls in the demo were sluggish too but I'm sure they would be great with the CPP.

In the above video however, the game seems to look great with most likely the final version being shown. I'm just a bit disappointed that Konami decided to put out an old build of the game for the demo since I doubt it will sell itself to very many but die-hard fans, while the final game may be a lot better.


Anonymous said...

what did u expect from KRAPARMI they have aged dead MGS and aged dead pes AND THATS IT and MGS only continues because sony pays for it more than coincidential that 3DS gets a cheap sad rushed no effort MGS3 3D and vita a failed already device gets a new MGS HHHHHhhh MMMMMmmmmm !!!!!...

the biggest issue i have with mgs 3ds is the blatent shoehorning of already bad controls on to a 3ds and the cheap cop out of buy a pad pro add-on to make it a tiny bit better WTF!!!!!

how about a analog and stylus set up like cod DS cop recriut ds and core wii games

a nunchuck and wii remote style can be mimicked via analog and srylus....


Anonymous said...

the controls stank on ps2 and it looked muddy 3DS gets dirt ported to it head in hands..

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was bad at all the framerate drops happened when it went to the cutscenes and the only big issue is having to aim with the buttons instead of using the circle pad.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, MetalDave but everything seems to point to the fact that Konami did a half-baked job with this port.

There are already reports coming in from people that already own the final game (users at NeoGaf and they have provided proof that they own it) and the final game has the same issues as the demo.

It seems that porting a game to another system is not one of Konami's strengths. Consider the crap job they did when they ported a MGS game to the original Xbox. Despite the console being technically superior than the PS2, the game had many issues that made it the inferior version of the game.

I say skip this game and instead support better 3DS efforts on that system. Konami is not been a reliable company since last gen. Why bother with them?

Anonymous said...

I posted the previous message before playing the MGS demo on 3DS.

Now, after having played the demo I had to take back some of the stuff I said before.

Firstly, the guys at NeoGaf seriously exaggerated the framerate issues during the cutscenes. I only saw a drop in fps during the first cutscene (and only when the cutscene started). After that, I absolutely didn't notice any problems during the following cutscenes in the rest of the demo. I simply could not detect any sort of problem or issue with the framerates. So IMO, the whole framerate issue is a minor one. And doesn't hurt the game at all.

Another issue I've read about, is that the games goes to 2D when going into FPS mode. Some argued that going from 3D to 2D would hurt your eyes. Nonsense. Wasn't even bothered by it at all. I guess it would be a problem for those that have the 3D at full power. I never do that with any of my 3DS games. Since only having the 3D slider half-way is more than enough to get the 3D effect going. Any more than that is overkill.

About the controls... I've played the demo without the CCP add-on. Now hear me out, I barely played MGS games. And I had ZERO problems adapting quickly to the controls. Especially with using the face buttons to control the camera. I really can't believe so many people out there made a big fuzz over that. They made it sound like it was impossible to play like that. Again, that's baloney. I had no problems beating the demo on my first try.

So in conclusion... because I was listening to all the haters, I was mistakenly lead to believed that Snake Eater 3D was a crap game. But after playing the demo, I have now come to realize that their views on the game were way off.

It's not perfect though. The old last gen textures are still there. And despite some visual improvements (improvements that are not even present in the HD version), the game's graphics seem to be a bit below in terms of overall quality when compared to Resident Evil: Revelations.

So I take back what I wrote here about avoiding this game. It is worth it. More so if your a MGS fan. I was more of a Splinter Cell type of guy. And I enjoyed the demo a LOT.

Anonymous said...

it was crap on ps2 it didnt as if by magic become not crap on 3DS

and controlling a camera with buttons WHATS THIS MARIO 64 FROM EONS AGO

sorry your excuse making its a 3DS it should support 3DS controls there should be free moving sweet camera via the touch screen there should be mouse like aiming via the touch screen and a analog slide pad plus stylus WII REMOTE AND CHUCK style of play

its a cheap port with already clunky ps2 broked controls and a AG-ED camera system

DO NOT WANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh off topic what iv noticed about nintendo slide pads is there for more mouse like and precise than a traditional analog stick almost like a mini mouse under your thumb as it slides its mimicking a more stylus or thumb nub type of movement

il have to see how camera control and aiming is on wii u pad might be good