Monday, February 20, 2012

3DS sales top 5 million in Japan

Link to press release

The Nintendo 3DS has reached sales of over 5 million in Japan faster than any system in history. If you look at the above graph you will see that in just 51 weeks the 3DS has outclassed even the mighty DS and Gameboy Advance.

 The aggressive price change combined with the great games really killed it for Nintendo. The sales are only going to get better from here forward with more heavy hitting games that are coming this year and the next. 


Anonymous said...

and out selling vita 5 to 1 lovely stuff i like it when commonsense wins as a person born into this world with a commonsense chip i found the ps1 and ps2 domination years hard to take its nice to see COMMONSENSE winning for a change LOL

Anonymous said...

i agree 3DS is portable unlike Vita,its 3D and 2D has a well established eshop that developers love,3rd party games sell on it,Sky3D,Eurosport,15 episodes Shaun the sheep starting next month,Nintendo Letterbox,DLC,Demo's,Nintendo channel,games Coming soon,Argmented R,stealing 3rd party support from Vita,Nintendo Network will be in full swing soon user accounts across 3DS/WiiU in other words Gamer tags 3DS rules.