Friday, June 10, 2011

Ubisoft Wii U developer conference video

After seeing what could be done with Ghost Recon Online, I'm actually really excited to play it for myself. It seems that the game will also be a downloadable game and not in store retail, so the price might be very good too.

Killer Freaks looks very early and rough but at the end when the developer was explaining how the gyro and accelerometer can work together with the two sticks with small movements (not the crazy stuff they were demonstrating) for aiming and gunning, that got me very excited for the possibilities for other first person shooters.

I did an article on this very subject before the Wii U was revealed a month ago:

 Wii 2 (Project Cafe) how controlling FPS games will be awesome

I'd love to see a game like Battlefield 3 have this type of control as well.


Anonymous said...

ghost is free on pc and cheap downloader on wiiu

im getting scared with ubisofts non wii remote fps talk im all for tablet support but talking clasic pad and not remote with mltipul shooter games isd scaring me

its a frigging mose pointer i dont want to move m whole upper body with the gyro and screen i can do the exact same thing at the wrist with a wii remote plus

Metaldave said...

You didn’t watch the whole video did you? At the end with the Q&A they said that the FPS controls could be done with very small movements while you are relaxing on your couch and they “know” based on the original Wii experience that wild motion controls don’t make for a very deep or long experience especially for a first person shooter. Ubisoft also said that they were doing the radical over exaggerated movements for the sake of showing the demo of Killer Freaks.

Does that make you feel better and now maybe excited for what can be done with a FPS game with this controller?

Anonymous said...

but what you are discribing dave is SIXAXIS didnt we all point and giggle at sixaxis

holding a huge plate/slate/pad and moving it about is SIXAXIS,id rather mouse like control a fps with 1 hand not 2

and why not do whats in the video/trailer as well but for aiming AKA do the tactile screen and online chat mic and analog walk/run but aim and tactile control on screen WITH A STYLUS theres a huge mouse pad in front of you USE THAT FOR CAM/AIM AS WELL AS TACTICS hell thats how cod is played on DS

theres no ifs or buts here second analog stick is TRASH compared to a remote / mouse/ touch screen

i get your point dav the screen and gyro are cool and tank aiming or sweeping a area with radar or interactive map or driving a smart misile to a target are COOL AND THE GANG

but swinging around constantly doing that would soon become boring and is HYPERCRITICAL to call wii remote waggling wen it only moves a inch or so at your wrist wen playing fps etc VS a frigging upper body work out aiming with two hands and twisting around at the hip IS FAR MORE WAGGLE THAN WII EVER WAS

i smell hypocrasy SEE MY POINT

Metaldave said...

Let’s get something straight this is not a six axis controller. You will be getting a full 360 degree radius while using the motion of the gyro & accelerometer and the video points this out, if you move at a 45 degree angle, so does your aim on screen. This is also just a demo guys, the final controls will be very sensitive and tight and without a bounding box to worry about like the Wii remote/Nunchuk combo. I’m not bashing the IR sensor at all on the Wii remote because it’s awesome, but I’m just saying that having this type of control could be even more precise and more like a PC mouse. The Wii IR sensor can be very shaky if your hand isn’t steady, but with two hands to keep the controller steady it would work great….just like the new controller.

Think about it, doesn’t that sound cool or what?

Anonymous said...

your confusing what im saying im all for utablet!!!!!!!!!!

my point is ubishits USE OF IT

what is in the center of the gaming tablet....... A FREAKING 1MM PRECISION LAG FREE HIGHLY RESPONSIVE TOUCH SCREEN???????!!!!!!

so why are they aiming LAST GEN with a second analog stick..... I AINT GOING FROM WII REMOTE TO ANALOG THATS A BACKWARD STEP why would i go from fps GOD a mouse to fps SHIT a analog stick


not the nintendo demographic OR THE TRUE GAMERS

right ad to what iv just explained that the wiiu's main controls are still wii remote THIS IS FACT its 4 wii remote plus and 1 tablet per console 4to1 ratio proves that wii remotes are still a big part of the wiiu

and wii remotes crap on second analog stick for fps

so why not support a wii remote and nunchuck option were i fps aim the traditional wii way and still have my tablet for its screen and its mic and its speakers

simply sitting on my lap or sitting by my self or even in a cradle so it can stand up close to me

second analog sticking is GAMECUBE id like to remind the world wii made that OBSOLETE so why be a hpercrite and go back to it JUST TO SUCK UPTO DUMB XBOX FANS

as for screen in screen mini screen action and motion I LOVE IT im not against it im saying fast paced constant shooting that way is DUMB as is second sticking WEN TWO VASTLY BETTER OPTIONS EXIST



Metaldave said...

Ok man, but I still don't think you're grasping what I'm talking about. That's fine though, just wait and play it first.

Metaldave said...

Ok man, but I still don't think you're grasping what I'm talking about. That's fine though, just wait and play it first.