Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wii 2 (Project Cafe) - How controlling FPS games will be awesome

(mock up above)

It's been a very interesting couple of weeks to say the least with information on the Wii's successor. The touch screen controller, the streaming game content, to the overall power of the system have been the talk of the web.

When talking about how we will be controlling first person games with this new controller, many have speculated that either the dual stick method would work or using the touch screen like a virtual mouse would do the trick similar to the DS in the past. Whats funny though, is that no one has mentioned or considered the fact that this controller will also have full motion control similar to the 3DS. If you move the 3DS in any which way, it knows where you are turning it. The 3DS has similar (if not better motion sensing) than the Wii Motion Plus. It has been mentioned also that this is one way to control first person games on the 3DS without needing an extra analog nub.

                                                 Don't forget that the 3DS has motion control too 

Put this together and you can see where I'm going with this. The Project Cafe controller should be able to let you control the view of the action and how you look from moving the controller itself. One of the analog sticks can be used for walking and strafing, while small movements with the actual controller in both of your hands on the left and right side of it will control looking. The Cafe controller won't be able to reproduce an IR sensor (At least I don't think so) so there wouldn't be any bounding boxes to worry about, just your screen movement being directly controlled with how little or how much movement you want to use. The controller will probably be so sensitive to movement that you'll be able to adjust the sensitivity to how much motion you want to employ.  Your aim would be very steady since you'll be using both your hands as opposed to using just one like with the Wii Remote. I found that while the Wii Remote/Nunchuk combo was very nice, it did feel uncomfortable for a lot of people giving a sense of not really having full control all the time or feeling a little out of control as well. Having full aiming control in both hands makes for a more solid experience in my opinion.

                                               Imagine you moving the controller itself with both hands for aiming

I can't wait to see this type of method used and hopefully it can become a standard for the future of FPS games. The amount of freedom that it will allow developers will also be amazing. 


Anonymous said...

fps wii 2 hope

wiimote and nunchuck or evolution

and tablet pad with analog and touchscreen both are basically versions of each other and both give CORE fps controls that are easy to use same applys any first person or 3rd person action core game

res evil splinter cell MGS halo cod bad company

an 3d core game will be much better this way second analog sticks are OBSOLETE but should still be supported and lets not forget ZAPPER FPS

i honest to god wold punch someone in the face classic padding a fps in this day and age

Anonymous said...

dont forget the camera head tracking maybe a option for looking around

touchscreen mouse and a head tracking camera could be cool even a wiimote and nunchuck then tablet as a info and map screen come online video chat second control just sitting next to you

Anonymous said...

wii 2 tablet pad feedback touch screen and analog stick


wii remote and nunchuck again with rumble feed back there both the same but different a great choice the law in all nations will be changed so twin stick hardlycores will have there right hand chopped off if twin sticking a fps game like a DOOCH

Anonymous said...

the wiimote and nunchuck uncomfortable and not precise AH-HHMMMMMMmmmmmm mouse pointer not precise and the controls are uncomfortable YOU CLEARLY MADE THAT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

wen u fps on wii o sit back into your chare and chill and rest nnchuck and wiimote on say your lap or arm rests or a combo of both maybe o aim from the wrist with mouse like precision

how is that eather not comfortable or not precise

now if your a idiot core then maybe it could be both uncomfortable and lacking precision but thuats human error

sitting forward and hold a arm out from the shoulder is how ps3 / x360 players try to say wii fps is played IDIOTS and of course that wold be totally imprecise and not comfortable as 1 holding your arm out is totally dumb and corses pain and aiming from a shoulder joint is never going to compare to hand and wrist dexterity

OBBIOUSLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! wiimote uncomfortable

es ok dave if you say so

Anonymous said...

wen fps-ing via a classic pad set up people tend to grip the controler hard and crunch there shoulders and sit edge of seat = ncomfortable and injurie coursing to back

wen YoU wii fps people tend to do the exact opersite nintendo did this on purpose dave seems ignorant to engineering fact AND SIT BACK HANDS PARTED RELAXED


Anonymous said...

are you suggesting dave that wen wiimote using you hold out the wiimote to point it at tv ANYONE DOING THAT CARNT wii -play and is born dumb