Thursday, November 04, 2010

Conduit 2 - new videos

While the game definitely looks improved and also having the voice of Duke Nukem as Mr. Ford, I'm still getting the impression that this game will ultimately disappoint with the "same old" kind of feel and gameplay as the first game. I'm hopeful that it will be fun, but can it draw people away from Goldeneye or especially Black Ops on Wii?


Anonymous said...

I have to say the environments are looking ssswwweeeet! Nice textures on the landscapes. I bought Goldeneye, and I'll probably buy Conduit 2 AND Black Ops Cuz of the Headbanger headset support.

Biohazard said...

The graphics look fairly improved with the textures being more clear and defined, but the game looks the same as the first. It doesn't look all that intense compared to GoldenEye remake, so I don't think this will be able to compete with that. As for Black Ops, HAS ANYONE SEEN THE WII-VERSION ALREADY!? I apologize for going Wiiboy on that statement, but god dammit the release date is getting close I'm anxious to see how the Wii-version has turned out.

Anonymous said...

the wii version is that close to 360 ect it will sell it self as they re building it ground up for the 1st time and treyarch words it will blow u away u wont beleive its running on wii and it will have back patching they wouldnt add that if it wasnt a real experience and they also said they have invested massive in the TEV/GPGPU with this version and recently said zombie modes and 4 player co-op is present wow with this Monster hunter 3,goldeneye 007,Conduit2,Grinder the wii has the best shooters i think

Anonymous said...

wiiboy here never apologize for acting superior (notice i said acting wink)there can be only one and im him lol

the geometry and build of the levels is stil flat and square, thats very psp-ish but yes textures and effects and art direction are fleshed out,it just has that same cheap look that conduit 1 had that online map video looks like the cliff face from world at war but in a cartoony style

my goldeneye hasn't been delivered il never ever pre- order again i am so angry