Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Goldeneye Wii - video review

Are you blasting your friends yet? I'm almost there myself, this afternoon I'll be campaigning and multiplayer/onlining to my hearts content.


Anonymous said...

lol metaldave, mine on pre order hows about some code exchanging in the blog posts,,im in uk and its out bon-fire night 5th november but i may get mine a day early as its orderrd online as soon as i have it il friend code the blog its looking very cool

Metaldave said...

Yeah I'll post my friend code later on so everyone can join up if they want. Have fun!

XidZen said...

Awesome remake.
To bad my sensorbar is broken and sometimes cant see pointer :/
I have classic controller pro but playing on it its too oldschool for me :P

Anonymous said...

sencer bar broken put a flashing light or candle on your tv it works perfectly those little tea candles in a little mental case they would work or lcd lights

well i pre ordered it has not arrived so i now have to wait and if i hadnt pre ordered i could have picked it up in store today I AM FUMING so angry