Friday, May 07, 2010

Xenoblade - into the open field

Nothing gives you the feeling of freedom more than running in a beautiful open field that seems to go on forever. This is what an RPG should be like, exploring and meeting new people and gaining new powers. We all know this in theory but this game seems to hit the nail on the head, too many RPG's fail to give you that sense of a huge world. Most show you the world from a map and you just go from area to area, point to point, screen to screen. Show me the world! It seems that Monolith Software gets the idea.

Enjoy your weekend guys, we have a lot of good games coming soon to look forward to. Think of this time in-between to focus on beating all the games you've neglected since Christmas. Have fun!


Biohazard said...

As disappointing as the textures are, the immersion should compensate for that.

Anonymous said...

i dont go around judging textures on compressed low res you tube vids

that looks impressive very impressive and no dout 10 x better graphically in the flesh

huge world and real time gameplay now theres a game i want

Metaldave said...

I agree that the water and some of the mountain textures seem to be low quality but so is the video. The game looks amazing sans that.

Anonymous said...

I hope whoever is making The Force Unleashed 2 and Zelda Wii are taking notes, while I'd settle for 1:1 swordplay worlds that look this awesome would be very welcome.

Anonymous said...

Last story looks more for me high polygon characters ect based around human emotion plus the screens for LS are immence but this looks amazing and this game is meant to be as big as japan