Monday, May 10, 2010

Black Wii unboxing

This guy seems to like condoms a bit too much and sarcasm, but he successfully opened up the Black Wii box for us all to see. It's quite a nice deal that Nintendo has put together for the consumer, how could you pass up all that for only 199.99? Nice job.


Biohazard said...

The new IGN staff have been gratuitous with the sexual references, so I'm not that surprised that he mentioned condoms through and through. I will add, though, that the new black Wii turned me on when I saw it for real.

Travis Hendricks said...

The irony, about all his sarcasm, is that we all know what pretty much everything looks like on this system. So he's going through having to make this exciting when we all know what all but the controllers and system already look like. Everything else is the same.

I really wish this color had been an option for me from the beginning because it looks very sleek. But a color change isn't enough for me to buy another Wii. Maybe if they let me transfer my WiiWare games but we all know that's not possible, even though I registered all the games on Club Nintendo. But I digress.

Anonymous said...

come on guys the white wii was a great idea it was the total opersite to ps2 and ps3 and psp and the plan worked holding back on colours was a good idea because they still can release more if they want

they said black wiis would stop after christmas in the uk but there still freely avalable i think the up in sales was so much nintendo thought fuck it lets supply more i can see this being a success in usa and yet another punch in the face for ps3

COD black ops is wii bound and being released on time i think this will be the best COD yet on wii and we got the grinder and conduit 2 as exclusives wii is starting to very much take over and move and natal will not stop it