Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Monster Hunter 3 - US demo walkthrough

It's nice having someone explain when you know when a monster his hurt or not, it seems this game will be quite challenging.


Anonymous said...

i really am not liking this, clunky controls bland as hell environments load screen interuptions poor camera

i meet up with people we find a monster hit it then thats it

I DON'T GET IT it seems to me one of those mindless Japanese franchises that for some weird reason succeeded

like dragon quest bizarre games with clunky controls i don't want

Anonymous said...

clunky controls u must be watching some bad videos ive played it and clunky is the last word i would desribe for this game m8 sorry but the game is quite something else the eco system is the best ive experienced in a video game and the behaviour of the enviroments are ultra real grow up m8 dont buy it if u dont wannt it there is DLC,MONSTER HUNTER THEATRE,4 PLAYERS CO-OP,WEAPON UPGRADES,WII SPEAK,NO FRIEND CODES,DEDICATED SERVERS JUST FOR THIS GAME USING CAPCOM SERVERS,IMMENCE GRAPHICS YES IVE PLAYED IT,HIGH FRAME RATES,THERE ARE LOTS TO DO U CAN FOLLOW A STORY TYPE MODE,U DONT JUST MEET UP KILL A MONSTER ECT DONE THATS LIKE SAYINGIN GTA4 U JUST DRIVE AROUND SHOOT PEOPLE AND THATS IT THERE ARE MISSIONS TO DO AND IN MH3 THERE ARE QUESTS AS WELL AS DLC SIDE QUESTS ECT STOP TALKING A FAMITSU 10/10 GAME DOWN U SOUND STUPID this game deserves a 10/10 gta4 didnt why because this monster hunter improves alot over previous gta4 didnt sorry just a e.g

Anonymous said...

plus it online in ONM stated its more of a world of warcraft experience basically a pc mmo is what the magazines and the devs say about the online experience