Monday, March 08, 2010

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - new screens and info

From Game Informer:

- If your a fan of Tails and Knuckles, you should be pleased with Episode 2
- Ep. 1 is a prologue
- spin dash, rolling attack, homing attack and a new move
- “I wanted the user to enjoy an easy-to-play feeling by the attack sequence that this [homing attack] allows, and find the fun routes in the air.”
- classic special stages
- Classic Sonic Gameplay, classic Sonic speed, no floaty gameplay, Says Izuka.
- Not 3-D, but all CG pre-render.
- Gamers will get classic “try again” ending if not successful when attempting to collect all the chaos emeralds. If you get all emeralds, you'll get the cliffhanger ending for episode 2.
- “If Sonic 4’s return to form is the Sonic experience you have been waiting 16 years for, then we strongly encourage you to try this.”

Any of you here fans of the classic Sonic gameplay? If so, it would seem that you are not alone since Sega has seen the need to return to his roots since 3D has not been Sonic's best friend over the last 10 years.

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Biohazard said...

I think the majority of Sonic fans are glad to see the series go back to its roots after suffering through the recent 3D games.