Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sin and Punishment 2 announced for Wii - first screens

Excited for this game? The first game wasn't played by many people, but it was really fun. Looks awesome. I'm sure we'll have more info on this game very very soon.


Anonymous said...

graphics dont look much not sure on this i thought sin and pun 1 was overrated its just segas after burner or that other shooter thing sega did with a guy shooting monsters

its semi on rails i dont get the hype here its just an arcade game

shoot move shoot move progress thru the level

dont get it shallow

Metaldave said...

See the game in motion first and then we can make a better call on the graphics. I think it looks great right now with nice lighting and a lot going on screen. It's a fast shooter so you aren't going to be getting Resident Evil detail here, but as is I think it looks great.

Travis Hendricks said...

I'm not sure what Anonymous is talking about, this game looks plenty good to me. As for the genre it's in, maybe you just don't like shooters. If that's the case it's totally fine, but this game is in the top echelon of shooters.

I for one, am quite excited.

Anonymous said...

Hell, yeah.