Thursday, October 02, 2008

Punch Out !! announced for Wii - first screens

Looks like today is the day that we've been waiting for, with more announced games from Nintendo. I've really been looking forward to a new Punch Out game for a long time, nice to see that it looks awesome too!

-Don't forget to check out the Monster Hunter 3 trailer a couple posts down, you definitely don't want to miss it.


Anonymous said...

i couldnt help but feel disappointed because of the graphics
who agrees a ready to rumble announcement would have been better?
im the guy who posted 1st on mh3 trailer

Anonymous said...

im not sure it klooks like a snes game in hd

i dont mind the art direction but come on fully animated 3d spectators loads of lights and lighting cartoon like animations it better be like that no excuse for average visuals

Metaldave said...

I've seen the short trailer released on YouTube recently (probably taken down by now) and the game looked amazing - really amazing. Animation looked beautiful and it follows the original art style perfectly. I'm really excited for this game and I think the graphics are outstanding.

Travis Hendricks said...

Seriously? You Anonymous guys have no sense of style at all. Do you care nothing at all about how smooth a game moves, how stylized an environment can look, or how much fun a game is? These are games after all, you are supposed to play them just as much as look at them.

Watch this game in motion and then come back and tell me again the graphics don't look just fine. If you can honestly tell me that, then I feel sorry for you because you will probably never be pleased with the Wii.

Anonymous said...

outstanding graphics look how sharp they are,oh guys the graphics have followed the same concept very well couldnt look better it defo looks HD punch out wow wow wow

Anonymous said...

these graphics are horrendous and as for you tanookitravis. get a life. couldnt put it any nicer.
how smooth a game runs??? look at the graphics on f zero gx on gamecube and they run at 60 frames per second without a single drop. even in 4 player multiplayer.
i rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Metaldave and TanookiTravis among others-

Judging by the visuals; this game is way too early in development to be shown at this point which explains why there is so little to be shown in the video other than the boxers. This looks to be an early build and we probably won't see anything more on the title until mid 2009 at the latest. Sin & Punishment 2 looks a lot more complete than this.

The boxers look pretty good and the motion is more than solid; but it's clear to me that this game is very early in development so I will hold on final judgment until the final build is released.