Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wii Motion-Plus developer programing video

AiLive has a new developer software program called "LiveMove 2" and it fully supports Wii Motion-Plus for things like sword fighting, throwing objects etc. This looks like a really good program that Third Parties can use to make Wii games that use the new technology that Nintendo just announced.


Anonymous said...


Im looking forward to the advanced 3d motion wii motion plus offers but i carnt help but think its also an idiot box for 3rd party's to dum to code the wiimote and this is further help for them im getting tired od anti wii excuses I AWAIT THE WII MOTION PLUS EXCUSES ALSO

no doubt next gen wen sony and micrsoft have it 3rd partys will all of a sudden say how importent it is to hardcore gaming

you couldn't make up storys like this what goes on in the games industry no one would ever believe an industry is that dum and out of touch

but it is thats the killer it really truly is full of dum idiots

it all looks way to much like jealousy to me jealous of nintendo

Metaldave said...

That program is just a helpful tool to make quick and easy use of Wii Motion-Plus. Them being idiots....? Well we are not the game developers so it seems they had to have some smarts to get where they are. Yes Third Parties have been lazy on Wii and it's their fault for being late to the party, but they are learning really fast that they have to make real games for Wii seeing that the system has established that it's not going anywhere anytime soon and that it's in the #1 spot to stay.

chalito said...

Also, there's kits now to work with the wiimote on PC via bluetooth. You can try using C or Python, and (to Anonymous poster) you're welcome to try and see if you can do that motion recognition without the wii motion plus.
I've played around with it, and it's not so simple as many people seem to think.
Not too complex either, but there's just some things you can't do on the wiimote.

Anonymous said...

I'd never play Nintendo Wii..
So I thought that Wii already had that system. Isn't it? o.Õ

Anonymous said...

To be honest . . . when I bought the Wii I expected it to do all that shit anyway! I'm getting a bit tired of these extra add ons that you need to buy for the system, especially this shit when it should just do it anyway! The sword shit is what I expected Red Steel to be like so I don't believe the Wiimote can do all that people think it can.

I'm also so fed up with the distinct lack of decent games and shitty ports that I succumbed the other day and bought an xbox360 which now costs the same as the Wii for the mid level console . . . and sorry but it kicks arse!

No different friends code shit for every single game just to play online, no lags, no childish presentation and no mobile phone pressed between my ear and shoulder to have some banter with my mates.

I know it's not all nintendo's fault and I know a lot of the developers are shit heads but I'm afraid I've finally lost my patience now! The only thing I will ever play on the Wii now is Pro Evo Soccer and, touch wood, Res Evil 5 (not hard considering the animations, gameplay and sound look identical to Res Evil 4).

It's been a good run Wii but, as Sir Alan Sugar/Donald Trump would say, your fired!

Anyway time to get back on COD4 . . .