Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Conduit: video demo & interview

(click on widescreen to expand)

Just another cool video of The Conduit in action with some description of the different weapons and features the game will offer. Jessica Chobot is very nice to look at but otherwise she can keep quiet. lol.


Travis Hendricks said...

Oh come on, you don't like Chobot? She is definitely more attractive than Morgan Webb and a little less knowledgeable but I think she is still a pretty good host.

But then again, she is still not as good looking as the Conduit, and the Conduit will only get more attractive in the next few months, I'm not sure about Chobot.

Metaldave said...

In this video, I don't like her: "really, a mature game on the Wii? really?"

There are plenty of Mature games on the Wii and she sounded really dumb in that moment to me. Other than that I don't have anything against her.

Travis Hendricks said...

Ya, I think she was trying to be funny. She, and most all gamers, fails to realize when a joke is used by everyone else it is no longer funny.

It's like saying "have a nice trip?" after someone falls down.