Thursday, May 15, 2008

MadWorld Screens for Wii

13 screen shots of MadWorld. Can we say "sorely needed on Wii" ? Just put a nice advertising campaign behind this and it will sell very good. Any game with one of the creators of Resident Evil 4 working on it deserves my dollar.

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Travis Hendricks said...

I hope the game controls more traditional and less Killer7. I loved the style of Killer7 but I couldn't play it, even after about 2 hours of trying.

This game looks really cool though, I just hope it has some substance and gameplay to it. I would like to see the game in motion first I guess.

I have yet to find the video anywhere so maybe that's why I am skeptical still, or maybe I just don't want to get too psyched for a game not coming out for another year almost.