Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MadWorld trailer and confirmation for Wii

Originally Posted by Gamespot but has since been removed:

The final game announced at the event was Madworld, an ultraviolent action game coming to Wii. The game has a stylised black-and-white palette, with bright red blood providing the only splash of colour on screen. Madworld bears a striking resemblance to the Frank Miller comic series Sin City and the recent Gears of War 2 announcement trailer. Coincidentally, "Mad World" is also the title of a song that featured in an Xbox 360 Gears of War television advertisment.

The developers said they aren't setting out to make a depraved or perversely violent game with Madworld, but rather a game focused on "fun," comical violence.

PlatinumGames said they felt the Wii was missing "such a game [as] Madworld," with many games on the platform being too similar to each other. A brief gameplay segment was shown at the announcement press conference in which the game's lead character, Jack, used a chainsaw--controlled with a flick of the Wii Remote--to slice up foes, and was able to perform finishing moves such as impaling them on a nearby spiked wall.

The game also features Bloodbath Challenge minigames. One demonstrated was called Man Darts, where the object was to splatter enemies onto a giant oversized dart board by swinging a baseball bat at the correct time. "

-The world is entirely black and white, with the exception of the blood
- It's an action game sporting comical ultra-violence.
- The themes are "Cheerful violence" and "Curb Brawler"
- It's a game about a protagonist which carries his past on its shoulders and which is getting on with commiting his ultimate slaughter.
- Director is Shigenori Nishikawa
- The Japanese release is not fixed yet.


This game looks like what Manhunt 2 should have been. Lots of style and no censoring the "executions" and tons of red all over the screen. Yes it's violent but I doubt it would get an "AO" rating seeing that the art style would protect that from happening. This game is embargoed but I don't see the point anymore since everyone already knows that MadWorld exists. It's so funny how the Internet works with IGN dancing around their knowledge of the game but basically confirming that the game is exclusive for Wii at the same time.....


RED KNIGHT said...

this is a first day buy!
its going to be great.

Anonymous said...

them graphics are ambitious but im not complaining cant wait to see even more finished screens it can only get better from here

Anonymous said...

ambitous graphics but im not complaining cant wait till Q1 2009

Anonymous said...

cant wait amazing visual style this is going to be special ut not as special as MH3,or Disaster,Red Steel,or even Fatal Frame 4,sadness,these besides galaxy,brawl,mariokart,are some of my more anticipated titles but madworls looks really goos to me i will buy it