Friday, May 16, 2008

MadWorld screens continued


It's almost like Platinum Games is trying to make up for the lack of Mature Hardcore games on the Wii by making this game a definite no doubter that the Wii is for everyone (including adult gamers) and not just people that want to play Tennis or Bowling. Death by street sign looks.....well.....they all look gruesome!


RED KNIGHT said...

NEW CONDUIT VIDEO! and it looks great.

also this game is a buy i cant stress that enough.

Anonymous said...

1st part of the trailer looks quite cool but some of the weapons look a bit wanky. Like that thing that looks like a live creature stuck to his arm or something.

Anonymous said...

conduit video get with the programme embed it

looks great graphically solid weapons deep plot a kind off bond meets metriod art direction and a hint of online play at the end of the video

alien weapons and devices and how you use them looks inventive high voltage the new rare haha just might be so

Anonymous said...

1ST PART GUY those weapons look cool and i think the idea is there organic living things that act as weapons and the animations look great the re-loads impress me like resident evil 4 did and remember this is beta footage early stuff

high voltage are clearly trying to get the message across wii can not wii can not