Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Conduit debut trailer

This is the game many of you have been waiting for and now finally we are getting the video we were promised a couple weeks ago. To me the game looks like a cross between FEAR, Timeshift and Bioshock (the hand holding the seeing eye). Only in the style and presentation, not much is known about the gameplay since no hands-on previews have been made yet but it does look pretty much like a run and gun FPS. I'm looking forward to seeing much more soon.


RED KNIGHT said...

to me it looks like perfect dark 64/timesplitters also the hand reminds me of half life.
im so looking forward to this game and hope it has online.

Anonymous said...

to me it looks perfect dark meets halflife meets metriod come on the aliens are so metriod and the conspirasy vib and the whole MR FORD is so halflife

im really hoping high voltage pull this off not just on a wii owner level but to see a dev team come from no were and prove them selfs and the wii its self

you think conduit looks good wait for factor 5s project and fatal frame etc oh and king of them all monster hunter

Anonymous said...

Yeah hope they pull it off and think they have every chance with it being a purely a Wii game.

Every time I hear about anything multi platform being released and I hear the sentence "We are dealing with the XBOX360 and PS3 while studio shitness are developing the Wii and PS2 version" I just roll my eyes and think yeah that'll be a load of crap then.

Anonymous said...

dont forget how early in development the conduit is and it will look much better when it comes out oh it looks really good now looks to be 60 fps aswell have to agree that MH3 is gonna rule hunting online

Anonymous said...

monster hunter 3 will be the game but for a game early in dev this is impressive defo got alot of next gen graphics going on wait till he is finished with the game

Anonymous said...

please no sticky brickwork surgery textures like perfect dark zero x360. those weird shiny looking textures was microsoft trying to ninteno-ize the graphics. like that pinyada game both completely missed that nintendo heart and soul vib

looks like high voltage are looking back to go forward and at the right games too

a wii perfect dark rip off suits me fine

Anonymous said...

looks amazing not going to be the only game with amazing visuals there will be plenty infact ill go as far as to say that you will be spoilt for choice come winter

Anonymous said...

looks immense to me cant wait going to be spoilt for choice in winter

Anonymous said...

cant wait also cant wait till winter there will be so much out there u will be spoilt for choice

Travis Hendricks said...

The video as a whole is extremely impressive. I hope game has head shots because all shooters need headshots. No accuracy in shooter means no purchase for me.

And the human animations are only so-so right now, hopefully those are cleaned up before release. But that final giant alien creature looks incredible. I wonder if he's a boss.

Anonymous said...

some home truths for anti wii twits to chew on

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Metaldave said...

Where did you get all those details? Just would like to have link or something but those are really nice numbers and really shows how efficient the Wii really is.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad about this and i'm tired of people calling the wii a kids toy, especially when 12 year olds whups a grown person ass in halo

Anonymous said...

Geez; Cubeboy 101, do you ever give up? You keep bringing up those stats and no one listens to them. The reason is because you keep engaging in this garbage that only a bunch of elitists and viral marketers care about. I could debunk almost every point you made here by asking for a source. No surprise; you don't respond with one. If you are going to make statements; at least deliver some source so it can be fact checked for creditability; otherwise you are a troll. A pro Nintendo troll; but still a troll. I'm getting sick and tired of you actually.

As for the game: This to me is High Voltage's most important game ever. If they fail to deliver on their promise of awesome graphics and sales; then they will sink into the hell of bankruptcy. If they succeed; they will finally get the creditability they so need badly since HV's reputation is lacking a lot. They said a lot of things we like to hear (and good for them on that) but it's time to deliver with evidence and visual proof. The Conduit is looking good; but the final build has got to be better than this.

krauserkiller said...

look sweet reminds me kinda of halo tho hopfully it has a acual point un like halo way cooler lokin to ...also kilnda looks like fear soo ill do more lookin up on it but ill prolly buy it