Monday, January 22, 2007

The Wii is so easy to use.....a baby can play it?

Kotakuite John C. sends in this picture of his 14 month old daughter playing the Wii. His email was short leaving me with many questions...

"I was pleasantly surprised to find my daughter whoopin' ass in Zelda, shocked really..."

So, did he just walk in and discover that baby had figured out how to turn on the Wii, insert the disc, start the game and had just beaten the third level boss? Or was it more like he put the game on pause and baby started playing and randomly ran around kicking ass? Either way I think it it brings up some interesting thoughts. I'm just not sure if it says more about the intelligence of this apparent super-baby, or the utter simplicity of the Wii-remote.


Wow really? I'll have to see a YouTube of it to truly believe....

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