Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition trailer

If only the Gamecube had a game like this one early in its life cycle. Well, it had Resident Evil remake but it didn't have a GTA-like mayhem infested game like The Godfather.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of EA, I just heard from GoNintendo that Medal of Honor: Airborne is still headed to the Nintendo Wii even though Vanguard will be released on the same year.

What do you think of this, Metaldave?

Metaldave said...

Well, if it is another PS2 port I won't be very happy with it. However like Mortal Kombat, if the controls are good and different then it may be pretty cool.

As far as both of these Medal of Honor games coming to Wii, I'd say it has a very good chance.

game on said...

I would really like to see some companies add some graphical flare to these "wii-makes"

The Wii is supposed to be mroe powerful than the original XBOX and I would love to see the graphics "stepped up"

I am very happy however that the Wii is getting a ton of quality titles with innovative controls.