Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wii overtakes DS Lite this week in Japan

Japanese hardware sales for Jan 8-14th

Wii - 93,708
DS Lite - 89,287
PSP - 48,804
PS3 - 25,531
PS2 - 22,663
Xbox 360 - 9,035
GB Micro - 1,959
GBA SP - 1,547
Cube - 611
GBA - 79
DS Phat - 41

I honestly didn't think I'd see this happen again in Japan. The launch of the Wii was expected to overtake the DS for a week, but I never thought it would stand a chance against the DS Lite Juggernaut. Lets see if this becomes a trend.

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Anonymous said...

Go Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm seriously thinking about getting a DS now, is for Wii the demand is way to high right now I can't find one:(

I remember reading I Japan mag ( I think Fumitsu)
and they showed alot of polls and one poll asked what are you looking most forward to in 07' (between Games and Systems) and Wii won first by a mile followed by DQ and DS, PS3 votes where horroribly Low.

In Japan Wii sells +350,000 to +500,000 a month. Even if 360 sells 500,000 a month in U.S. and Wii sells (Just for fun:) 1 sell. they STILL out do 360 by 1 LOL!

Seriously though, The demand for Wii has risen, even in Europe and U.K. Wii has Japan on lock for all 07'

PS: Codename Revolution ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!