Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Developers jumping on the Wii bandwagon

"In general, however, it appears that extremely positive reaction to Nintendo's Wii at E3, alongside the realization that many "hardcore" game consumers will buy the console in addition to either an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3 has meant notably increased publisher support for the platform in recent weeks."

-Ubisoft has confirmed 7 titles are now in development for Wii.
"The first time I picked up that sucker (the Wiimote) I couldn’t stop playing it.” - Ubisoft North America President Laurent Detoc

-Midway has confirmed Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and Rampage: Total Distruction

-Midway also has 4 additional games for Wii in development for 2007 to go along with the others mentioned.

-Atari has said that it will focus on Wii and Xbox360 titles for this year and leave any plans for development on PS3 for 2007.

Great news for the Wii, did E3 have anything to do with this? Uh, ya think? Lets hope that this will be a domino effect and other developers will hope on like bee's to honey.

Ubisoft link, Midway link, Atari link

On a side note the "leaked" specs for the Wii have been proved false. Doesn't anyone remember MoSys? They are providing the 1T-SRAM for the Wii. The "leaked" specs said that the Wii would be using 64megabytes of GDDR3 (MEM2) . That should tell you right there that the specs were fake. Nice try Maxconsole. Anyone else sick of all the specs talk?

Maxconsole "leaked" specs, Link to MoSys press release


game on said...

It seems like Wii is getting better and better. I cannot wait to get my hands on it....... Bad pun.....

Metaldave said...

Who is your inside source that gave you the launch info about the Wii? You know the one that you can't tell us?


It just goes to show that if you know the right people you can get really good "inside" info.

The Wii is getting stronger and stronger and I think its only the beginning of it all. I really truly hope we will see the support of SNES proportions on the Wii.

With the price of development and awesome controller and "good enough" graphics, I think it could happen guys......

Anonymous said...

I think that E3 had a lot to do with the Wii's popularity. People were watching both the Wii and PS3. PS3 botched it by announcing the price which threw a damper on a good deal of the PS3 excitment. That left people to look closer at the Wii and we all know about the 5 hour lines that resulted from that.

I personally was leaning towards a Wii before E3 while still seriously considering a PS3 but I don't want to drop $600 before games just quite yet. That gave me the final kick in the pants to choose the Wii. So yesterday I went out an preordered it. I can't wait now, and I'm glad its getting such good press and exposure

Anonymous said...

I love the list of support that the big "N" is getting from all the developers.

And to the spec being fake im not surprised about that.Like nintendo said before "we may never release the specs for the wii".And ontill nintendo does say, i wouldnt be surprise on how powerful that small machine is.

Metaldave said...

With games like Far Cry just announced by Ubisoft and Activision also trying to get into the mix with 3 launch games; I think that this will be without a doubt the best launch in terms of quality and quantity ever in the history of videogames. Can anyone tell me which system had a better launch? WOW O_O

Metaldave said...

I thought Ridge Racer was a launch title for PS3. If its not, then Sony really doesn't have a single game worth buying for the PS3 at launch. It will have Call of Duty 3, but so will all the other systems. Best launch ever(Wii) going against one of the worst(PS3)

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