Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gamecube had great graphics why complain about the Wii? LOOK and wake up

Over the past month or year, people on videogame forums and on the internet in general have been complaining about the Wii and its so-called low power that is considered weak when compared to the other next-gen systems. They seem to think that the games will just look like crap when compared to the PS3 and Xbox360. Let me ask you now to go back and play some of the best looking Gamecube games like Starfox Adventures, Resident Evil 4, Rouge Squadron 2 and Rebel Strike and tell me that you are not impressed by what that system can/could do.

During E3 a lot of people said the graphics on the Wii were no good because a lot of games looked like Gamecube. Does that mean that the games actually looked bad though? Not at all. People are just never satisfied with what they see. Even our beloved Joystiq is starting to say little comments in their posts on Wii games and how they don't look good compared to the other systems. What good does that do? Should we have to keep reminding ourselves that the Wii will look good? How stupid is that, when we know it will be 2-3 times as powerful as Gamecube? I don't know about you but a game that looks 2-3 times better than Resident Evil 4 is a pretty damn awesome looking game. Did we see any of that at E3? No. This is only the beginning of the Wii's life and developers are focusing on what is REALLY important and thats how well each game plays with the new revolutionary controller.

These games coming out for Wii are going to be awesome and we haven't even seen (as ATI has said) the "tip of the iceberg" yet on what the system is actually capable of in the graphics department. Nintendo has spent millions researching ways to make better graphics with less specs and less power consumption. We are going to see a system that maybe looks only a little better than Gamecube at first but once developers get some time with the real final dev kits(not just a couple of freaking months) we will start to see a bigger leap from Gamecube. Really though why make such a huge fuss over it anyway? Once you get your hands on that controller you won't be thinking about all this graphics speculation. Nintendo makes addicting and fun games, and their systems have never come up short in the graphics department. The Wii will have it all: great games, revolutionary control, and great graphics for a low price. Not good enough for you? Get over it.

Stop the graphics threads
Stop complaining
Stop worrying

Enough is enough


loyal N fan said...

Amen my man. I hear you, very well said. I'm so damn sick of all the griping myself. I get it and I haven't even played the system yet. It's always about the feel of the game. I still enjoy Super Mario Brothers 3. Don't tell me that game has the best graphics you have seen. It is the game itself. It's just what games are about FUN.

Metaldave said...

Its now August 10th which means I'm 26 and now into my LATE 20's. Getting old.

Anyway, I had to say SOMETHING about all these comments being made by (seems like) everyone. Graphics this, graphics that. Are you upset at the Gamecube's graphics? No? Then you won't be with the Wii either. People just need to wait and see the finished games to truly judge it.

Xbox360's graphics? All hype. Wii is underhyped extremely in its graphics. I think thats a good thing. I expect to be blow away by Xbox360 when I see it, and when I'm not it doesn't impress me.

When we see the Wii and look at some of the games for the first time, we will be impressed because of all this stuff being said about how it can't have good graphics and then it does. I'm looking forward to that because I know the games are going to look awesome even if everyone else doesn't.

Anonymous said...

I swear, graphic whores are the bane of existance in gaming.

Anonymous said...

You made a very strong post and i agree with you all the way metaldave.(ENOUGH) well said in a platter of words for anyone to compare wii to 360,ps3 its a different system,but people still compare it.

metaldave i think you should post this topic on (joystiq) just to hear what people have to say.

game on said...

Perfectly put Metaldave and I am linking this story to my site now. Amazing write up!

truthkilla said...

Hello metaldave.

This is my first time posting on your blog. I'v been here many times but there has never been anything that really grabbed my attention until this article.

I agree with you. But when people go to a game store and see PS360 (PS3 & 360) graphics and look over to Wii. They will be very dissappointed. The truth is that many games store clerk always diss Nintendo. So when someone looks at PS360 graphics and looks at Wii graphics they will ask the clerk about Wii. 9 times out of 10 they aren't even going to talk about out how innovative the system is. Rather they will tell them look at that ugly control and how stupid it is. And continue making fun of Nintendo.

Compare Zelda TP to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (on the 360) which one looks better? I want a truthful answer.

The truth is Nintendo only has innovation on their side. Nintendo will need to market that innovation if the Wii is going to be successful. People are looking for better graphics but at the same time people are also looking to have fun.

This is something that happen to me while I was shopping with my girl. We were at our local mall and I decided to make a stop at gamestop. I was talking to the clerk about Wii. These are his exact words "Wii what a stupid name, the conrollor is so stupid. I can't believe Nintendo is still making games". I was like what are you talking about. And this SOB had the nerve to say "when is Nintendo going out of business". My girl saw how pissed I was, she grabbed me and we left the store. That's the type of ignorance I was talking about. A lot of gamers don't know much so when they go to a gamestore like GameStop and listen to ignorant people talk like that they believe everything they hear.

I'v been a Nintendo fan since 1985. For me Wii is everything a Nintendo fan has ever wanted wrapped into one beautiful package. I don't care how weak the system is. But Nintendo should care cause there are alot of people who are going to criticizes the Wii just because the graphics aren't like PS360. It's already going on with developers. Like I said Nintendo needs to market Wii's innovation. Nintendo needs to do what Microsoft did with 360. Have MTV special on Wii.

Metaldave said...

Thanks for the complements guys. I don't think Joystiq would post this story on their site because I kinda put them in a bad light. I can e-mail it to them or something but I doubt they would link to me.

In relpy to the last comment, do you really think people will be VERY dissappointed when they see the Wii graphics compared to 360/PS3? I mean as of right now 360 doesn't look so far and away better than Gamecube. Yes it looks better but its not a quantum leap like SNES to N64.

Let me remind you that N64 was outsold by PS1 with its pixelated graphics.

truthkilla said...

Gamers like you and I, Know graphics don't matter. But there are misinformed gamers out there. That's what should worry Nintendo. NGC was more powerful then PS2 but the PS2 became the best selling console this gen. Look at the NDS and PSP. NDS is weaker but it's getting the best games and is lessing great.

As far as 360 looking like NGC.LOL BE REAL!!! Compared fight night 360 with NGC and tell me they look the same. I'm not getting a Wii cause of the graphics, I'm getting Wii cause of it's innovating controller. It excites me that we get a new way of playing games. I haven't felt this excited since N64. But it was marketed right and Nintendo lost that round. Nintendo needs to learn from N64, not rom NGC. And they have, hopefully we'll see their plans come together in Aug. 23 when the Wii is unvealed.

Metaldave said...

I didn't say the 360 looked the same as Gamecube. I said that its not a quantum leap over it in graphics, and its not. Fight Night probably has the best graphics on 360, but only because they are putting all that detail into 2 characters at a time.

I haven't been too impressed with its graphics so far. Thats just my opinion.

truthkilla said...

I respect your opinion. All I'm saying is what has been said for the longest time. And that is there will be a difference in power and visuals when Wii is compared to the 360 and PS3. That's the truth.

Also what I was talking about is gamestore like gamestop's clerks playing favorites, dissing Nintendo and not giving the people who know nothing a chance. Basicly if a 10 year old kid walks in to a gamestop 9 times out of 10 the gamestore's clerk is going to make that system look kiddy and stupid. And that right there is the truth. I'v seen that in many gamestores I'v been to.

Nintendo will need do something to eliminate the middle man. That's why I said Nintendo need a special like what MS did with MYV for 360.

Metaldave said...

You are right about those gamestores loving everything BUT Nintendo. Thankfully my Gamestop by my house actually has some Nintendo fans that work there, and it makes my shopping a lot more fun when you have someone to share your views with and not have to defend your purchase. I've seen some other stores that are supporting the Wii too. I think they may be forced to, because Nintendo's vision makes sense to a lot of people.

There will be a lot of those 10 year olds like you say that don't know what is good and those Microsoft loving clerks will eat them alive; but the parents have a part to play as well. They look at the price and if they can get away with buying the Wii for their kid who doesn't really know better, then its a win win.

Let me ask you this now: Do you think the difference in graphics between the Wii and 360/PS3 is bigger or smaller than the gap between N64 and PS1? Everyone knew which system had better graphics back then but the N64 still got beaten by the PS1's stong line-up of good games.

There will be a difference that people will notice, but will they care as much anymore? I guess we will have to wait and see on that one. My guess is that they will not care quite as much, just based on the DS becoming the fastest selling console in history with graphics that are sometimes on par with N64. It makes sense.

You must choose, but choose wisely :)

truthkilla said...

With so many good games to choose from on launch day, how could anyone go wrong with the Wii?

I made my decision back when Nintendo Revolution was only a though. I hate waiting.

Do you know if Wii will be playable at the Nintendo Fusion Tour? Cause I already got my ticket and if Wii won't be there my brother and I will be very pissed off.

Metaldave said...

I live in San Diego and the Fusion Tour is going to be here at Soma in October. They SAY that the Wii will be there but I won't believe it until I have that controller in my hand playing.

I doubt because back in '04 they had the Fusion Tour and were supposed to be previewing the DS for all to play. I bought my ticket and when I went there all they had were Gamecube game! No DS at all. I was very upset, wasted my money. So, I hope and really hope that the Wii will really be there this time around.

Anonymous said...

I think it is so funny how gamers these days only care about the visuals! if u like good graphics then you can go play a PC game for all i care :)! But cant you understand that the wii isnt built for graphics? It is a new way to play games which will attract new players or people who have NEVER played games before, i believe that this "graphical power issue" was the main abuse for the DS and people were saying the psp has brilliant graphics but honestly the gameplay matters more. The DS is selling brilliantly and so will the Wii because the two consoles change the way games are played!

Anonymous said...

Graphic whores, as someone mentioned, are the bane of existance in gaming, and I agree. And game developers exploit the graphic whores because that is where the money is. Hence we are seeing a drop in quality games that focus on gameplay (story, mechancics, etc) and the rise of short-lived, mediocre and generic games with great graphics.

There are exceptions, of course, but this is where the gaming industry as a whole is heading: graphics over gameplay = a quick bang for your dollar and huge profits for lazy developers.

Anonymous said...

This is so stupid! people didnt moa about the NES! it was 8-bit! i our days its all about graphics! rather than the game!