Monday, July 03, 2006

PC owners planning on buying only a Wii take note

"A PC version of Gears of War has been confirmed by Epic Games, possibly featuring some bonus content not seen in the Xbox 360 version. However, with the PC port not taking place until after the Xbox 360 version's release (expected in late 2006), its likely that we won't see Gears on the PC until 2007." -BeyondUnreal

Link to beyond Unreal

Well now its confirmed, Gears of War a 360 exclusive no more. It seems that most Xbox 360 games get ported to the PC eventually, even the Halo series. This is good news for us PC owners who might have been thinking about buying a 360 because of this game. Alot of PC owners want the Wii because of the exclusive games and new control, the Xbox360 has the same games as the PC but worse control(no mouse). So this announcment should make choosing this holiday easier for those ones.

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Metaldave said...

How many of you had this similar plan of just buying the Wii because Xbox360 has too many ports that you can just buy for your PC?

The only games that I can think of that are only on 360 are Perfect Dark and Kameo. I'm sure there are a few others, but most are brought to PC. Halo 3 will come to the PC eventually too.