Monday, July 03, 2006

Sony: Trying to sell Wine to people that only buy Coke?

"DFC Intelligence, which provides game industry research, has released a new article citing the possibility that Sony could go from first to last place in home console market share. The article claims that despite Sony's strong brand awareness and current market position, the launch purchase price of $500-$600 combined with a lack of "killer application" game titles could hurt the company's chances of continued success.From the report: "It is our view that the PlayStation systems have been successful not because of hit software but mainly because of software diversity and third-party support... With the PlayStation 3 the company is going after the high-end power user.

It is almost as if Coca-Cola not only decided to go with a new formula, but also decided to exit the low brow soft drink business to go into high-end wines."The research group concludes that if Sony wishes to drive unit volume in 2007, it needs to not only cut the PS3's price, but cut it drastically before there could be a new market leader."


This article makes a lot of sense to me. Sony seems to be stepping out of the "everyone can play" market and going into a upper class market that is really not mainstream at all. Sony does need to lower the price if they don't want to be last this go around. This leaves the door wide open for the Wii to sell this year and the next. Market leader? If the Wii does become it, it will do it without people even realizing it.


Metaldave said...

Hey thanks man, it means a lot. I'm just a fan of Nintendo since the early days helping to support what they have going with the Wii.

Its funny about that name too, I wouldn't call it anything else. Revolution sounds strange to me now! hahaha who would've thought?

Greg said...

i just posted a blog entry about the combination of wine and coke in the same despite being disgusting, it sort of solves your central premise :)


Metaldave said...

So I guess in Spain people will "get" the PS3 then. How ironic.

I don't know of anyone who likes that drink in America though.