Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Wii's front flap exposed


Click on the pic for a very clear and blown up view of the dark slot. Is that really all it is? Reggie made a comment to support that we would be able to put different kinds of storage to use with that slot, so we will find out just how many and what they are soon.

R.I.P to the built in camera, we can move past all wondering about that.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the camera plugs into the SD slot....I KEED I KEED!

Metaldave said...


But really guys, please no more about the camera stuff. Its dead and done.

The Wii looks to still be totally awesome without the need for a camera/projector.

Anonymous said...

amen to that!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

What the hell!?
That's not a toaster!!

Anonymous said...

Hey GameFAQs Wii General board:
Fuck you assholes!

Just pullin' ur dick, I love that little pussy slot, it's just like my chicks asshole when I'm slipping her the cock, black around the center and white on the outside. MMM good.