Wednesday, June 14, 2006

*Rumor* More Ubisoft games for Wii?

According to a list recently forwarded to North American retailers, Ubisoft has revealed a stunning 5 more games for Nintendo's Wii. The list is as follows:

• Blazing Angels (previously released on Xbox and Xbox 360)

• GT (racing game from the Asphalt: Urban GT series)

• Monster Trucks (brand new racing game)

• Prince of Persia

• Far Cry

As it appears, Ubisoft is a huge supporter of the Nintendo Wii and had previously only announced one game - the totally Wii-designed and exclusive, Red Steel.Apparently these games are all listed as 'launch window' releases, which means they will likely appear within the first few months of the Wii's release. As soon as we can grab a hold of more details, we'll keep you updated.


Far Cry would be awesome and Blazing Angels would be cool too. Also if its true that developers are leaving PS3 development for Wii development, we may be hearing more and more announcements from other companies soon. Keep your Wii's crossed.


Metaldave said...

As a side note, Matt from IGN has announced that his Xbox360 finally broke on him. This was after a month or so ago when he said how fine his was working, while everyone else's 360 was breaking around him.

Welcome to the club Matt.

Microsoft has found a way to increase sales by 50 percent if half the launch 360's break down. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

weired because the one i bought for my neigbor since day 1 is still working fine with no problems. who knos but i will keep you updated metaldave.


Metaldave said...

I'm sure that not ALL the 360's will break, but it sure seems like a lot of them are. Thanks for keeping me posted.

Anonymous said...

I've seen alot of sites report on this but no one has had further confirmation that I have seen. Has anyone seen this confirmed or denied by Ubisoft yet? If this is true, this is a big deal. Games like Farcry were not predicted to hit Wii this soon. Also, it will be interesting to see the graphical comparison between games like Blazing Angels on original xbox vs. Wii.

Anonymous said...

why do u own a 360 sad