Monday, June 19, 2006

The Wii's hidden graphic power

Nintendo has been mum, more or less, as to the exact power and capabilities of their next console, Wii; however, slowly but surely, little hints are starting to drop in. The latest comes from Gamasutra, who report that electronics firm MoSys "will be using the company's patented 1T-SRAM technology to implement the high performance memory within the Wii's graphics system."

Worth noting: "The newest 1T-SRAM implementations embedded within the Wii console are fabricated using NEC Electronics' advanced 90nm CMOS-compatible embedded DRAM process technology. These high speed and ultra low latency memories are used as the main embedded memory on the graphics chip and in an additional external memory chip."

An official from MoSys goes on to say: "Designing the Wii console required an incredible list of breakthroughs in technology and innovation. ... The graphic performance of Wii benefits from MoSys' ability to develop highly innovative and dependable embedded memory products." Self promotion aside, it appears that Nintendo just may have a final ace up their sleeve as we come closer to seeing the final version of Wii.


This is more confirmation that Nintendo knows how to make a powerful yet affordable console. As powerful as the other guys? No, but Nintendo looked for a way to get past the high specs while still being able to make great graphics that are comparable to the high end machines. Smart compact console design.


Anonymous said...


Im all for it with the graphics, but its not the only thing im looking for in the wii. But thats a check im not worry about.

It's about the fun factor in it all, its video games made to be fun in anyway.Never ontill now that video games has a age group, before it was all about fun,puzzles,getting to the next level or watching other play while you wait for your turn to be the hero in the group to go on to the next level.
Ah the good old times.

Metaldave said...

My good friend and I spent a couple hours last night just playing the mini-games in New Super Mario Bros. They are so fun and you never stop to think just how simple the graphics are.

This is how the Wii will be too, but only Nintendo didn't forget the graphics part either with it. It will be great to finally be able to play it.

Anonymous said...


Thats what im talking about metaldave.
it fun either your killing- things,hunting,searching,leveling,
or whatever, kid or adult its about having fun.

Metaldave said...

Yes, for the most part it is about the fun factor of the games. Nintendo has said that graphics are important and for this gen of games it doesn't look like that trend is going to end.

The Wii will look "good enough" for just about everyone.

Anonymous said...


"The day will come when the king will return again".

And all hell will be loose for the fort.

Anonymous said...

wii specs follow there 100% real im not kidding around ill try to explain them in laymans terms.....
cpu power pc MPU (micro processing unit) tiny sicicon die allmost printed on the die 1mm thick ultra tiny low heat high performance per clock CPU with 3 times the gamecentric logic coding upgrades of gekko clock and catch un confermed...

hollywood gpu/dsp/physics thread/memory controllers, on a chip
new tev unit. twice the pipes of flipper 3mb catch on board
aditional 24mb level 3 catch shared with cpu embedded on sub die next to hollywood so 27mb total shared catch 1 t sram all embedded on die at 650mhz clock all 27mb run with less than 5n latency DAM FAST. 4xbandwith of 24mb ram in cube

external main ram off die embedded 1t sramQ at 650mhz and sub 8n latency DAM FAST 2xbandwidth of cubes main ram

access ram loW latency edram 16MB

BROADWAY HOLLYWOOD AND ALL 27MB 1T SRAM are embedded and bridged (next best thing to all being on board a single chip)so operate at amasingly high bandwidth and speed allso 100%bottleneck free and 50% plus real world efficant compared to 35% efficant gamecube and only 10/20% efficant xbox allso very stable synced and refined for better performance

im a trainee at a british 3rd party developer working on both a ds game and a wii game the benchmarks of the near final dev kits we are using show 3 times the all round power of a gamecube with 480p 60 fps widescreen supported the final specs will be 30% more powerfull and include the full physics thread support a japaneese guy on are team stated wii was at least 2.5 times as powerfull as a triforse arcade board so 3 times a gamecube with 480p widescreen is a ball park figure

take it or leave it im the one sitting here now with the dev kit give u a clue im working on a fun arcade style RTS TYPE GAME based on a gba classic lets leave it at that goodbye

Metaldave said...

"Wii Wars"

What you say does make sense even with your extremely bad spelling. 2.5 times the power of Gamecube is what I expect anyway.

We'll see

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I can't understand that someone that spells that bad even can get a job.

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt judge someone on a post in a blog who cares a monkeys arse about the spelling you people have anal retention problems

Anonymous said...

the guy types an essay about the wii hardware and you're gonna talk about a couple of misspelled words. sheesh.

Metaldave said...

If you spell THAT bad you are going to get questioned pure and simple. His information seems to be correct however and the final dev-kits seem to be about 30% more powerful like he said....