Tuesday, April 04, 2006

HD graphics vs SD graphics big difference?

This is Kameo on the Xbox360. The picture on the left is the game running in standard resolution and the pic on the right is running in HD resolution.

When you blow the image up and compare the two yes, you can see a bit of a difference in quality. However at a distance the HD doesn't really look all that much better. You can tell that the standard resolution pic is not running on S-video either. I don't think we will be missing out on too much in graphics with the Revolution besides maybe a few blades of defined grass.

Is it worth the extra price? Thats a big maybe. However, I've compared a lot of S-video and HDTV and only up close can you tell a bit of a difference.

So, the Revolution is most likely going to look like the pic on the left. Are you disappointed?

Me? Not at all.


Anonymous said...

People shouldn't complain about the Revolution not supporting HD because, quite frankly, only about 10-14% of people in America own an HDTV set, and the minority of them are gamers. I find it funny that almost all of the people who complain about the Revolution not supporting HD don't even own one, much less afford it. There's also alot of gamers out there that doesn't want to spend over $1,000 for an HD set because they don't feel that gaming consoles are a huge accessory.

Metaldave said...

You make a great point. Could you put in your name next time? You sound like the same anonymous that posted in the last thread about IGN.

Anyway, I think the pics speak for themselves. HD really doesn't look way better than SD and really not worth the $1,000 dollar investment like you said before. I would be happy with Kameo in S-video, I don't think I would really crave the HD display either since I know I won't see a big difference.

Like Nintendo has said before, the Revolution is going to look good on any TV you play it on. Nintendo really knows what they're doing in this round.

I think I see things going like this when the Revolution is released: "Wow, the graphics look this good and the system is so much cheaper than the others AND I can play in a whole new way??!! Sold!

Nintendo is using understatement with the Revolution so we won't be expecting anything much when we see the games. Then when we do, we are going to be shocked at how good they actually look.

game on said...

Good point but High def is the future. I know that the games are going to look great and I am not complaining. I just dont think it would have been a HUGE deal for them to include high-def. Oh well, come November (hopefully sooner) I will be grinning from ear to ear playing Super Smash Bros.

Metaldave said...

It IS a big deal for development costs of the system and games. That is what Nintendo is thinking about. Do you really think Nintendo can get back to #1 if they have a system that costs as much as the Xbox360 or PS3? The controller would help a lot but the price would be too high to get back enough of the old fans, plus it wouldn't be cheap enough to be a mass market system.

Not going HD for this round is a very smart move for Nintendo, in my opinion.

The picture comparision is proof that we won't be missing a whole heck of a lot.

Anonymous said...

Plus, Nintendo did say that we would never be able to tell the difference between the graphics of the Revolution and Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 when we're playing it on a standard-def set. Why didn't anybody play attention to this? If you guys, the ones who think the Revolution is not going to display next-gen graphics, can pay attention to Sony or Microsoft's diatribe about their system being more powerful than God, then why not Nintendo?

Anonymous said...

It actually depends on the size of the tv. On a small 17" tv, the difference is small. But when you start going up to 50"+, you can EASILY tell the difference. A small picture like that doesn't tell the full story, sorry.

Anonymous said...

That picture doesn't really make a very good point at all; it's too low of resoltuion to do the SDTV image justice, let alone an HD one.

If you want to compare a 480p image to a 1080i/720p one - you can't reduce them both to sub-SDTV levels and try to draw a good conclusion from it.